A better way to answer on-farm questions.

You can have the best experts and make the best decisions right now with AGvisorPRO.

AGvisorPRO is an iOS or Android App that connects the queries that come up on the farm to a network of curated agronomists and industry experts. Here’s how it works:

Photo depicting the AGvisorPRO app prompting users to add suitable categories to their question.

Step 1:

Categorize Your Question

First, categorize your question. Whether your question is crop, equipment, Livestock, or business management-related, we’ve got you covered. Select a few different categories and let the experts do the legwork.

Step 2:

Ask Your Question

Now it’s time to ask your question. The more specific you can be, the higher the quality of responses you’ll get from experts. AGvisorPRO will not show your name to experts until you reply to them, so don’t worry about oversharing.

Photo depicting the AGvisorPRO app prompting users to type out a question.

Step 3:

Add Photo/Video

If a photo or your location will help experts understand your inquiry, share them. If not, feel free to skip these steps.

Step 4:

Review Your Question

Take one last look at your question, tidy it up, or send it to the network.

Photo depicting the AGvisorPRO app prompting users to review their questions before sending.
Questions Feed on the AGvisorPRO app

What Happens Next?

We’ll send your question to the network. Experts can answer your question or decline it if they can’t help. We’ve made it so that other users can follow the question and see the first replies. Don’t worry; only you and the expert can see your conversations.

What’s this about following other farmers' questions?

Ready to try it out?