Follow questions you never knew you had.

What’s this about following questions? You can get answers on another farmer’s question on AGvisorPRO.

AGvisorPRO is an iOS or Android app that connects the queries that come up on the farm to a network of curated agronomists and industry experts. Here’s how following works:

Step 1:

Follow a Question

Sure, it’s easy to follow other farmers’ questions and even take up conversations with experts. When you see a question you like in the feed, tap follow.

Step 2:

The Questions Tab

Questions you’re following will show up in the questions tab. You can see how many experts received the query and how many replied.

Questions Screen on the AGvisorPRO app
Phone Screen depicting expert responses on the AGvisorPRO app.

Step 3:

See More Details

Tap a question you’re following to see detailed questions and experts’ initial replies.

Step 4:

Reply to a Followed Question

Tap an expert to view their full reply and even take up the conversation yourself.

Questions Screen on the AGvisorPRO app

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