The AGvisorPRO Vision

We are building the most trusted agricultural network in the world and putting it in your pocket.

The AGvisorPRO Mission

Make farmers more profitable, make agriculture more sustainable, and increase global food security, one answer at a time.


We improve the work of farmers and independent consultants. Retailers and manufacturers. Equipment dealerships and government.


We increase the confidence of decisions makers because they need the right answers at the right time.


AGvisorPRO connects agriculture to its best experts. We transform how agriculture asks and answers questions.


The AGvisorPRO app connects people with questions to experts with answers. Anywhere, anytime.

Let's cut to the chase.

What's in it for you?

Farmers:  Gain insights faster and increase your confidence. Make the best decisions. AGvisorPRO is a new network with the answers you need. 

Experts:  Increase your reach.  Help people who need your experience and monetize your knowledge and wisdom.  

Organizations: Expand your world and create instant connection. Find people who need your products, services, and technology. 

Questions Screen on the AGvisorPRO app

Get on AGvisorPRO.

We want you on the AGvisorPRO app because it will improve your operation. It's that simple.

It quickly links your ag questions to experts with answers. This improves how you validate decisions. The app also shows you the issues farmers face and the answers that experts provide. And... It's also pretty fun, so why not give it a try?

No home office for this home team.

The AGvisorPRO Team

Our team draws on the best global talent. 

Rob Saik

Founder & CEO

Patrick Walther

Co-Founder & COO

Brock Moir


Norm Janssen

Business Development

Joe Middione

Business Development

Mareese Keane

Board Member

Greg Andrukow

Board Member

Wilson Schultz

Product Manager

Vanessa Trentin

Product Designer

Bryan To

Product Designer

Mitchell Ludwig

Senior App Develper

Reza Rabbani

Product Developer

Brian West

Product Developer

Yun Hao

Product Developer

Jerremy Lewis

Product Developer

Emily Stener

Product Developer

Hector Chauran

Product Developer

Yunfan Yang

Software Development Intern

Miranda Carr

Project Lead

Charles Chavez

Marketing Manager

Shelley Myers

EA to Rob Saik

Taylor Veilleux

Marketing Specialist

Dhruv Gupta

Growth Marketer

Nick Saik

Media Producer

Herman Chan

Graphic Design Intern

Want to have a big impact? Join us.

The AGvisorPRO team is helping build a better planet and we need all the help we can get! So, if you're looking for an opportunity to do something great, drop us a line!

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