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Week of October 21th, 2022

Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO. Our weekly roundup of featured questions, experts, content, updates, announcements, and more.

Services for your farm:

It’s okay to not be okay

This week we are highlighting mental health in agriculture. Bonnie Taylor, owner of Bonnie Taylor Counselling provides a virtual Psychotherapist service. She has plentiful experience in agricultural counselling and understands the stress that comes with working in the industry. 

She provides therapy for individuals, couples, and families and provides them with strategies and support to manage mental needs, stress, grief, family issues, illness, disability, and isolation. Her areas of specialisation are in anxiety, depression, educational stress, relationship, and mental health in agriculture, but she isn’t limited to just these areas. 

Bonnie can provide her virtual service with flexible hours to accommodate farmers.

Learn more about Bonnie’s service here.

Provided by
Bonnie Taylor

Psychotherapist, Owner Bonnie Taylor Counselling

Remote Therapy in Canada

Psychotherapist who understands the Agricultural stress and demands and how these can impact mental health.

Soil Tillage

Top Question of the Week:

This week’s top question is about Soil Tillage. Here is what the farmer asked:

“What are the best ripper points? I have a case 870 ripper. Currently I use 7in high ware case points. I farm in SW MN heavy clay loam soil. I am trying to loosen soil, reduce compaction, cover residue, and due to dry conditions find a point that will last. Currently tilling 8-10in deep.”

Check out Jordan Wallace’s response and other expert responses in the AGvisorPRO app today.

Featured Expert Profile:

Greg Flint

Greg has been involved in agronomy his whole life as his father was an agronomist and seed technologist.Greg received his B.S in Agricultural Pest Management, as well as his M.S in Weed Science with a minor in entomology at the Mississippi State University.He also has his commercial professional pesticide applicator certification under his belt as well. He has 25 years of experience working with major row crops in the state of Mississippi. This includes cotton, corn, rice, and soybeans. He has done lots of work as a crop scout, a private agronomist, an extension agronomist, a seed agronomist, and as a USDA – ARS research tech. 

Greg is talented in many aspects, but his experience and knowledge within the agronomy sector of agriculture is beyond comparison. Take a look at Greg Flint’s profile in the app today, and see all his great responses to some of the toughest problems.

Greg Flint Profile on AGvisorPRO

Featured Platform Partner:

Area One Farms Logo

Area One Farms is a company that helps producers obtain more capital, without the risk. Area One Farms is about building equity partnerships to enable producers to be able to expand without fees, rent, or interest payments. 

Area One Farms bridges the gap between agriculture and equity – helping quality Canadian farmers expand their operations in a stable and committed partnership.

Area One Farms has been operating since 2013. They bring together committed and skillful investors and innovative farmers together to be able to invest and expand farmers’ landbase, while keeping the farmer as the owner. Over the years, Area One Farms has found that one of the main issues in today’s agriculture world is farmers’ management abilities outstrip their financial capacity. In addition to this, many Canadian farmers need to expand to ensure profitability, but there is a lack of access to long-term capital that is provided without significant risk.

Renting land exposes farms to real estate market fluctuations and keeps farmers from being able to plan for the long-term. For a large capital acquisition, bank interest payments put a heavy burden on operations. On the other hand, ownership groups corporatize the farm operation and turn farmers from owners into managers. Area One aims to give farmers a third alternative: an equity partner.

The partnership process has some specific instructions that are required, but thankfully they provide nothing but quality investors to help you navigate through these crucial steps. Area One Farms mission is to invest with farmers to; acquire land and related assets to achieve critical scale, improve land to maximize productivity, add value, sustain assets, and manage for profitability. 

To learn more about Area One Farms, and how they can help your operation reach out to Mason Ballek in the app today.

Friends of AGvisorPRO

Katelyn Duban

AGvisorPRO is a proud supporter of Katelyn Duban’s podcast The Rural Woman Podcast. Katelyn originates from an urban setting, but this doesn’t stop her from doing what she is passionate about. Katelyn’s passion is agriculture as she is a farmer herself, (@wildrosefarmer on Instagram).

She is on a mission to amplify women’s voices in agriculture and rural lifestyle. 

On her podcast you can expect to hear real, honest conversations from rural women all over America who are part of global food production, while also raising families, running businesses, and so much more! 

Tune in every Friday to hear Katelyn talk about a wide range of topics such as menstrual health in agriculture, advocacy, innovation, and leadership in ag! You can listen and subscribe to this podcast here!

What's coming next in AGvisorPRO?

Ag services on AGvisorPRO app
Services in the app

This week the development team has been working hard to get the services marketplace beta finished. We are working hard to get this in the app for the end of next week, but we wanted to mention it early… because this will be a HUGE release! We hope you are as excited to explore our digital marketplace as we are!

Search for keywords

Last week we showed off our new keyword search, if you have not tried it yet, just hit the app and type in any agricultural keyword you are curious about. Chances are, you can find a question or expert related to your keyword, it’s pretty cool for drilling into specific topics!

Search for canola results on AGvisorPRO
followed feed on AGvisorPRO

Follow Experts

Next on the lineup is being able to follow experts so you can add professionals to your own network. You will also be able to stay caught up with all the activity from other users you follow. Work has been started on this but we are still a few weeks out.

This week meet

Taylor Veilleux

At AGvisorPRO, Taylor is a Marketing Specialist leading our marketing initiatives to ensure people like you are learning about the awesome things that AGvisorPRO does.  Taylor is also our enforcer, on the team we call her Knuckles. Whether it is a tough negotiation, a team member slacking off, or a partner behind on deadlines; Knuckles will take care of it,  let’s just say she knows how to tie up a loose end.

Taylor grew up in southern Alberta where her family runs a cattle operation in the heart of the foothills.  When she is not building the marketing campaigns and social media profile that is allowing us to grow our audience by over 25% month over month; Taylor is helping out with the ranch, or hunting deer and elk with her family.

Taylor Veilleux

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