Mental Health in Agriculture

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Bonnie Taylor

Psychotherapist, Owner Bonnie Taylor Counselling

Virtual Service


Psychotherapist who understands the Agricultural stress and demands and how these can impact mental health.

What to expect

Online or phone Counselling with flexibility around appointment scheduling recognizing agricultural workers hours aren’t 9-5

Individual, Couples & Family Counselling -Strategies, support to manage mental health needs, stress, grief, family issues, illness, disability, isolation.


Hourly rate $125 for Individual; $145 Couple; $155 Family. Receipt for Registered Social Worker or Psychotherapist provided. Payment accepted through etransfer at appointment time.

Bonnie Taylor MSW, RSW

Psychotherapist, Owner Bonnie Taylor Counselling

Ontario Canada

Verified Expert at AGvisorPRO

Experienced Psychotherapist specialized in providing therapy to individuals, couples and families experiencing mental health issues, stressful life events, workplace stress, life transitions, relationship challenges, grief, disability needs. Offers Public Speaking presentations about mental wellness, employee mental health, transition planning, farmer mental health. Passionate about helping others to create and maintain healthy relationships. Master of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University, Registered Social Worker.

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