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Week of October 7th, 2022

Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO. Our weekly roundup of featured questions, experts, content, updates, announcements, and more.

Services for your farm:

Forage Recommendation by Ken Wall

Are you looking for a complete forage diagnostic & recommendation?  Ken Wall can provide insight into forage agronomy, species selection, forage fertility, salinity, and forage stand rejuvenation. Ken is YOUR forage expert with 20 years of forage expertise and experience in the establishment and land management.

Ken will help establish ideas you can have confidence in and help you move forward with a focus on soil health, maximizing yield and increasing productivity on marginal acres in your forage production.

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Provided by
Ken Wall
Forage Expert

Ken will help establish plans you can move forward with for soil health, maximizing yield and increasing productivity on marginal acres in your forage production.

Image: question of the week about market trends

Top Question of the Week:

This week’s top question is about market trends. Here’s what the farmer asked:

“Will the soybean market go higher in the next few months? Futures and basis outlook?”

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Featured Expert Profile:

Rick Omelchenko

With over 35 years of experience and expertise in risk identification, quantification, mitigation, and dispute resolution. Rick’s commitment to clients is to provide honest, valuable, and expert advice on a wide variety of insurer products & coverages they can trust.

Rick thrives on developing strategic partnerships with clients, working to create and develop an exclusive model to protect their assets and reduce the overall cost of their unique risks. 

Rick also provides industry-relevant information and resources to keep clients informed on changes in their industry, including: policy types, safety regulations, and contracts.

Rick represents clients during claims assessments when it matters the most.

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Featured Platform Partner

ATP Nutrition Logo

ATP Nutrition is a science-based plant nutrient company, committed to the development and commercialization of high performance products and nutrient management plans that deliver results to the most demanding of agricultural needs.

Founded in 2010, the company simplified plant nutrition by developing the System of Chemtrition, an agronomically sound management plan built upon the R3 Agronomic Platform. 

In 2018, ATP Nutrition became a division of Concentric Ag, a leader of microbial-based biostimulants that boosts the health of the plant microbiome. The synergistic effect of the combined entities’ technical platforms, biologicals and plant nutrition, will deliver the next wave of plant and soil health improvements further driving the genetic potential of the crop. 

At ATP, we believe a proactive, science-based approach to restore the balance between plant and soil health is the single most effective way to deliver the genetic potential of the crop. We challenge the status quo by utilizing agtech to monitor and drive productivity.

To learn more about ATP Nutrition and how they can help build your nutrient management plan, reach out to Wayne in the app today.

Friends of AGvisorPRO

AGvisorPRO is a proud partner of Bridgette’s Noon(er) Chats. Every Friday at 11:30 am CST, Bridgette hosts a Twitter Spaces chat with a special guest host. Feel free to join in on the conversation or just follow along.

If you missed it, our Product Manager, Wilson Schultz, was on Bridgette’s chat in early September.  Have a listen here.

Bridgette Readel is a crop protection industry professional with over 25 years of selling and training experience. She has an outstanding background in crops such as small grains, corn, soybeans, sugarbeets, potatoes, dry beans, and pastures. She brings wit, wisdom, and experience when providing solutions from your business to your tank-mix.

On your mobile device, you can connect with Bridgette on the AGvisorPRO app.

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What's Coming Next?

Coming by the end of the week is our brand new professional profile!
The current profiles were in need of a redo. Now you can not only see the detailed information about a professional in the app, but also a list of replies from questions they have responded to and reviews from other users.
Shareable Links

As you remember from last week, Sharable Answers are now live. Here is another great answer from last week.

If you have deer problems Bridgette Readel has answers!

Services Marketplace

As we continue to work on bringing the services marketplace into the app, it still continues to grow on our website here.

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Search by Keywords

Search is almost done as well… get ready to be able to search for any question or answer asked previously, Ask the Network has been out for almost a year, so you will be able to sift through hundreds of great questions and answers from the last season.

Meet the Team:

Wilson Schultz

This week, meet Wilson Schultz who is our Product Manager. When he’s not busy writing the product updates in our weekly newsletter, Wilson will be out in the mountains and foothills near Calgary hitting a sick line on his mountain bike. 

If you have interacted with AGvisorPRO, chances are you have met Wilson.

Wilson works with our network and partners to figure out which opportunities our product team should pursue, and champions solutions through the process of being designed and built. To sum up Wiilson’s journey at AGvisorPRO he offered up some words of wisdom from one of his heroes:

“And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do”

 – Michael Scott, The Office

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