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Can provide answers to forage agronomy, species selection, forage fertility, salinity, and forage stand rejuvenation.

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Ken Wall

Forage Expert

20 Years of Forage Expertise. 

Prairie Provinces - Service provided virtually​

What to expect

  • A Complete Diagnostic

Ken will help establish ideas you can move forward with like soil health, maximizing yield and increasing productivity on marginal acres in your forage production.


$100 per hour

Ken Wall

Forage Specialist 

Saskatchewan, CA

Verified Expert at AGvisorPRO

20 years of forage expertise. Experience in establishment, management, fertility, and rejuvenation. Salinity/marginal land management. I am your forage expert.

Professional Designations

Professional Agrologist (PAg, P.Ag, Ag)
CCA 4R Nutrient Management Specialty (4R NMS) Certification


University of Saskatchewan – Bachelor – 1983

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