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Week of September 15th, 2022

Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO. Our weekly roundup of featured questions, experts, content, updates, announcements, and more.

Services for your farm:

The 10 Step Soil Interpretation Process

This week we are pleased to highlight a service that can help you better understand and plan around your soil sample results. Brought to you by our CEO, Robert Saik, learn how to tear into and make sense of any soil analysis and give you confidence in your understanding of the soil you are working with.

In a one-hour zoom call, Rob will help you determine “which fish to fry first”; in other words, you will have confidence knowing you are tackling the most critical soil property and nutrient priorities.

The step-by-step process will help you understand: Soil properties, chemistry, macros, secondary, micronutrients, CEC, base saturation, EC, ratios, etc. This service includes templates for practice and a copy of the presentation.

Access Rob’s 10-Step Soil Interpretation Process here.

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Provided by

Robert Saik

Professional Agrologist 

Virtual service $180/Session

This session will teach you HOW to read a soil analysis. I used this process to train hundreds of Agri-Coaches of the Agri-Trend Network. 

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Top Question of the Week:

This week’s top question is on the topic of soil sampling. Here’s what the farmer asked:

“Is there any benefit to tracking by GPS where you take each core while soil sampling a crop field? For example when soil sampling a field you drop a waypoint using a GPS app at each spot you take a core, so year after year you’re taking cores from generally the same spot”.

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Featured Expert Profile:

Jeff Bronsch

Jeff Bronsch is an expert in data and water management systems in Albertan agriculture.  Whether you are curious about snowfall accumulation, river flows, or irrigation water management, Jeff knows all about what makes irrigation in Southern Alberta possible. Jeff is a specialist in Ag Tech Data Management and is professionally designated as a Digital Ag Specialist.

To learn more about Jeff on the AGvisorPRO app, tap here on your mobile device.

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Featured Platform Partner:

Saskatchewan’s Agricultural Real Estate Professionals. As part of your farm management team, Hammond Realty provides professional advice on farmland and agricultural infrastructure values, market transactions and trends, disposal strategies and options, and lease and acquisition opportunities. Hammond Realty specializes in Saskatchewan agriculture and agri-business real estate, a large selection of farms and ranches. Put our Acres of Expertise to work for you!

On your mobile device, you can connect with the Hammond team here.

What's coming next in AGvisorPRO?

View all Experts

This week we will be releasing our “View All Experts” page. This will help users find the most relevant experts quickly, right from the home page of the app.  You may also notice that our expert responses are being profiled more within the social media space, as we have built out a new way to share expert responses outside of the app.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing a new search functionality, which will enable all our users to better find past questions and responses.  And further down the road, we are still working toward bringing the beta version of our expert services into the app.

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