The 10 Step Soil Interpretation Process

This session will teach you HOW to read a soil analysis. I used this process to train hundreds of Agri-Coaches of the Agri-Trend Network. Once you have learned the process, you can rip apart and make sense of any soil analysis and give you confidence in your understanding of the soil you are working with.

Provided by

Robert Saik

Professional Agrologist 

Crop physiology, soil chemistry, and crop nutrition is my “trade”. I love helping businesses grow and mentor many farms. 

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What to expect

  • Proper Analysis Coaching

This will help you determine “which fish to fry first”; in other words, you will have confidence knowing you are tackling the highest to lowest soil property and nutrient priorities.

  • 1 Hour Zoom Session

step by step process of: Soil properties, chemistry, macros, secondary, micronutrients, CEC, Base Saturation, EC, Ratios, etc – Templates for practice: copy of the presentation


$180 for full service 

Robert Saik

Professional Agrologist

Alberta, CA

Verified Expert at AGvisorPRO

Plant physiology, soil chemistry and crop nutrition is my “trade”.

I love helping businesses grow and mentor many farms and agribusinesses.

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Professional Designations

Certified Agriculture Consultant (CAC)
Professional Agrologist (PAg, P.Ag, Ag)


University of Alberta – Bachelor – 1983