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Week of 29/07/2022

Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO. Our weekly roundup of featured questions, experts, content, updates, announcements, and more.

Top Question of the Week:

This week’s top question comes from a farmer out of South Dakota. Here’s what the farmer asked:

“We are on the cusp of sunflower weevil spraying season. I have never been able to find any good information on the length of residual we can expect for the different classes of insecticides and within the same classes with different active ingredients. Sidenote this also applies to our increasing grasshopper population.”

You can view the three expert answers in the AGvisorPRO app question feed.

The question of insecticide residuals is also the topic of this week’s Agronomists Happy Hour Podcast. AGvisorPRO is a proud partner of the Agronomists Happy Hour podcast and hosts Kyle Okke and Jason Hanson, experts on the AGvisorPRO app. So grab a cold frothy beer and listen on Spotify or the Apple Podcast app

Featured Expert Profile:

The power of AGvisorPRO is our professional network. This week we’re profiling spraying expert Tom Wolf.

With a master’s degree in agronomy, Tom is well versed in intensive cereal management, including factors like background fertilizer, seeding rates, growth regulators, etc. A research program early in his career led him into the niche of spray management, which was fascinating to Tom. Some additional education led Tom to specialize in this area. Since 1989 he’s been backing farmers up when the snow melts and the sprayer comes out of the shed.

Check out this clip of Tom discussing spraying from our fall 2021 spraying webinar. Click here to connect with Tom on AGvisorPRO.

Featured Platform Partner - Pattison Liquid Systems:

AGvisorPRO’s network doesn’t end with independent experts. We also have many reps from popular ag industry suppliers and retailers. This week check out the awesome team and products of Pattison Liquid Systems.

Based in Lemberg, Saskatchewan, Pattison Liquid Systems is an agricultural staple in Western Canada. Pattison Liquid Systems is a single source for every aspect of liquid fertilizer management on a farm. For over 40 years, Pattison Liquid Systems has been manufacturing and distributing almost every fertilizer application and handling component a grower could ever need.

Connect with their team here.

What's Coming Next?

We have launched our consultation services request feature for everyone to request more specific bodies of work from the experts in our network. Make sure to update your app to see the new feature, because it is live! 

The new change means you can now request a consultation and experts in the network will respond with quotes to get the job done! To try the consultation request tool, ensure your app is up to date and click the “ask” button. This improvement was mentioned in last weeks roundup. App users can look forward to having access to more in depth professional resources available from our expert network. 

AGvisorPRO extends STARS sponsorship referral deadline:

Last week AGvisorPRO partnered with STARS Air Ambulance as the primary Tech Sponsor for the annual Field of Stars event. With STARS, those living in rural communities can receive the very best in critical care via helicopters staffed and outfitted as mobile ICUs. 

To raise MORE money and awareness, we have extended this campaign until July 31st. AGvisorPRO will donate $5 to STARS Air Ambulance for every person who signs up on the AGvisorPRO app. We’re asking for your help in getting farmers to support a great cause and join Agriculture’s best network. To refer a friend, let them know about AGvisorPRO and share this link: https://link-app.agvisorpro.com/EVZReX7mNrb

AGvisorPRO at AgSmart:

Will you be at AgSmart on August 9th and 10th in Olds, Alberta? If so, stop by the AGvisorPRO booth. Our team is attending the event and would love to hear from you.

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