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Week of 22/07/2022

Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO. Our weekly roundup of featured questions, experts, content, updates, announcements, and more.

AGvisorPRO sponsors STARS:

This week AGvisorPRO was proud to sponsor STARS Air Ambulance. With STARS, those living in rural communities receive the very best in critical care via helicopters staffed and outfitted as mobile ICUs.  Learn more about STARS Air Ambulance and how you can support them here.

AGvisorPRO partners with ASFC:

AGvisorPRO is thrilled to be partnering with Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) to digitally connect farmers searching for crop insurance and financial  solutions. AFSC advisors will now be accessible to all users of the AGvisorPRO platform. Read the whole story here.

Top Question of the Week:

Each week, many on-farm operation questions roll into the AGvisorPRO app. Whether your question is on spraying, grain storage, commodity marketing, equipment, or something else ag-related, AGvisorPRO’s professional network is ready to answer. This week’s top question comes from a farmer out of North Dakota. Here’s what the farmer asked:

“To Fungicide Spring wheat or not??? Western ND spring wheat crop started great. Awesome and thick stands. However, it started to go backwards until the recent rain events this past weekend. Spring wheat is just starting to head out. The question of spraying for fusarium head blight has been more common. Some say, “absolutely, spray!” Others say, “it will take more than one rain event. Don’t worry about it.” Thoughts?? Thank you”

You can view the three expert answers in the AGvisorPRO app question feed.

Featured Partner - Wall Grain:

AGvisorPRO’s network doesn’t end with independent experts. We also have many reps from popular ag industry suppliers and retailers. One of those suppliers is Wall Grain. Are you looking for reliable grain management with fan automation or grain drying solutions?

For over 40 years, Wall Grain has worked with producers to create seven innovative ways to dry grain. You can connect with Wall Grain on AGvisorPRO here.

Featured Expert Profile:

The power of AGvisorPRO is our professional network. With hundreds of experts, it can be challenging to discover all of them.

This week we’re profiling expert, Linda Hunt. Linda is an independent Forage and Livestock Agrologist with the Alberta government. Linda is a 5th generation farmer with a BSc in Agriculture specialising in range management and animal production. Currently residing near Vegreville, Alberta, Linda has 20+ years of experience working with farmers throughout Alberta and Northern Saskatchewan on grazing, rejuvenation, forage establishment, and feeding. Her current favourite project is developing a continuing education course for Lakeland College to support perennial forage sales in ag-retail.

Connect with Linda here.

Agronomists Happy Hour Podcast:

AGvisorPRO is a proud partner of the Agronomist Happy Hour Podcast by Agronomists and AGvisorPRO experts Jason Hanson and Kyle Okke. In this week’s featured episode, Jason and Kyle discuss two questions from the AGvisorPRO app: 

1) Can it be too hot to be applying fungicide?

2) Is applying fungicide at night a good idea?

Check out this episode on Spotify or the Apple Podcast App.

What's Coming Next?

Now onto some exciting updates coming to the app:

You may wonder how AGvisorPRO decides what features to build in the app. The answer is that we listen to you. Our team conducts extensive interviews with farmers, experts, and ag industry professionals to provide the best app experience possible. We prioritise, design, develop, and deploy based on the feedback we receive from the Ag industry. 

So what’s coming next:

AGvisorPRO is working to become a knowledge marketplace in agriculture. What does this mean you may ask? It means we think our experts can provide more value than a quick response to a short question, previously the major body of our in app requests. In the next week, we are launching an update with a place for farmers and industry to request consultation services for more defined bodies of work. These requests are sent out to the expert network, who can respond with quotes and definitions of what they can provide. The value experts can provide in the form of consultation and services are not given enough spotlight in the app today. We will start to shift the spotlight in the next update with our consultation request tool next week.

One Final Announcement:

Finally, an announcement, next week, the AGvisorPRO team will be at the Lacombe Field day in Alberta, Canada. Stop by and say hello if you’re in the area or at the event.

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