New App Saves Farmer $70,000

In this video, Canadian farmer Mackenzie Fingerhut details how a new app saved his farm over $70,000.  AGvisorPRO is an iOS or Android App that connects the queries that come up on the farm to a network of agronomists, industry experts, retailers, manufacturers, researchers, and government staffers. In the video, Fingerhut details a conversation with an AGvisorPRO market expert. The expert provided Fingerhut with the insight he needed to purchase urea fertilizer.  “And what do you know, in a week or so, the price rallied 100-200 bucks a ton and subsequently saved us over $70,000 on just our Urea alone.” SaidFingerhut

AGvisorPRO is a Q&A platform for farmers. The app anonymizes a farmer’s query and sends it to a group of categorical experts for a response. The farmer can then reveal their identity and chat phone or video call the expert seamlessly over the app.

Horizontal AGvisorPRO logo in blue colorway.

How It Works

1. Farmers download and sign up on the app (it takes fewer than 3 minutes).

2. Farmers can then click the + ask button in the bottom center of the screen and select a category for fertilizer, crop protection, cattle production, etc.

3. Farmers are prompted to spell out their questions and given a choice to provide visuals or their location. The question is then submitted anonymously

“The AGvisorPRO algorithm takes your question and matches it to its independent and company experts who have domain expertise in this area of interest,” he says.

4. They respond to you via text chat. Farmers can check out their credentials and choose to chat (message), immediately schedule a session by examining their calendar, or hit “connect” and instantaneously be connected via audio or video. 

Farmers can also follow the anonymous questions asked by other farmers in the app’s “feed” section.

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