Apiary consultant (European honey bees)

40 years of knowledge in the beekeeping world. Experience in training and tutoring new bees.

Provided by

Denis Simoneau

Experienced Beekeeper

42 years experience in beekeeping

Peace Country

What to expect

-Knowledgeable resource to access about everything bee and honey

-Experience and knowledge in helping people to understand and work with new (to them) concepts

-$25 per hour plus any expenses incurred (fuel to travel for example), First 15 minutes is free but billing starts once we really start to chew on the reason for calling.


$25 per hour

Denis Simoneau

Experienced Beekeeper

Alberta, CA

Verified Expert at AGvisorPRO

42 years of experience in bee keeping. Grew up on a mixed farm. Currently owner and operator (head drone) of Simoneau HONEY Buzziness near Marie Reine, Alberta. (Peace Country Alberta)


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – Mechanical Engineering Technology – 2002

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