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We help farmers sell their grain for more.

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Grain Marketing Experts

Full-service advisory firm providing independent marketing advice for your cereal grain, pulse, oilseed, and livestock. 

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Are you solely or in-part responsible for the grain marketing decisions on your farm?

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, we can help!

1. If you’re starting up, taking over from your parents, or are the new farm boss who has big shoes to fill, we’re here to educate and guide you every step of the way.

2. If you’re experienced and looking for a sounding board or unbiased opinion from an independent source, then look no further.

3. And if you’re just striving to do better and get more for your hard-earned production, then this is the package for you!

We invite you to try our service.

4. We know that not every farm is the same, and that farmers have needs unique to their operation. We’ve honed our most popular level of service: Premium – for farmers who appreciate successful grain marketing strategies!

What to expect

  • Bounce ideas off our experienced team of advisors 
  • Timely sell recommendations via text, email, and fax 
  • Daily market analysis
  • Expert technical analysis  Independent advice
  • Unbiased opinions · Marketing strategies
  • Price objectives
  • Target prices
  • Monthly market outlook
  • Weekly wrap up
  • Daily closing report
  • Online resource centre
  • Grain & oilseed cash price charts
  • Pulse & special crop cash price charts
  • Plus new crop cash price charts
  • Livestock cash price charts 
  • Fertilizer charts


$27 to work with us until Nov 30, 2022 (Valued at $466)

David Drozd

AgChieve Founder


Verified Expert at AGvisorPRO

The AgChieve Corporation was founded in January 2002, becoming one of the first professional grain and livestock marketing advisory firms in Western Canada. David is a graduate of the U of M’s Diploma in Agriculture program. His background as a farmer and a commodity broker gives him a unique understanding of how to help farmers sell their grain and livestock for more. He has 40 years of experience in charting and technical analysis. David has written for Crops Guide, Alberta Farmer Express and the Manitoba Co-operator. He has been a speaker at agribusiness events including FarmTech, Canada’s Farm Progress Show and Manitoba Ag Days. David enjoys time with his family, the outdoors, relaxing in the pool, travelling, and watching curling.



University of Manitoba Diploma in Agriculture

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