Yield Monitor Technician

We can take your yield data and clean it using Trimble Ag Software, or teach you how to do your own.

Provided by

Matt Maess

Precision Ag Specialist 

Saskatchewan - Mostly Virtual

What to expect

  • Clean yield from most combine data sets.
  • Provide you with a profit map and understanding of where your ROI is coming from, either from flat rate fertility or VR fertility.



Matt Maess

Precision Ag Specialist 

Saskatchewan, CA

Verified Expert at AGvisorPRO

I worked in the retail environment for 13 years. I have great knowledge of chemicals, tank mix orders, fertilizer blending and balances. I have knowledge of Trimble, Raven GPS and other Agri technology. I currently work as a Agro consultant, and love it!

Professional Designations

Agricultural Consultant or Agricultural Advisor Diploma


University of Saskatchewan. Diploma in Ag – College – 1998