Harvest Timing of Potatoes

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Colby Robertson

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Identifying the end use of the potato is the first step to identifying when harvest should occur. Taking into account estimated yield, tuber size profile, tuber specific gravity, and results from sugar testing, one can make an informed decision on when to harvest.

What to expect

  • Intended purpose of the crop is identified through discussion with client and their customer(s)
  • Status of key potato attributes as they relate to harvest timing
  • Suggested time to harvest


$100 (per harvest timing summary per field of up to 140 acres)

Picture of Colby Robertson

Colby Robertson

Potato Professional
Alberta, CA

Verified Expert at AGvisorPRO

Potato professional with diagnostic and storage knowledge supported by experience from two multinational potato processors and university-level research and collaboration. I am always excited to discuss new ideas and concepts.

Professional Designations

Professional Agrologist (PAg, P.Ag, Ag)


University of Manitoba – Bachelor – 2016
University of Lethbridge – Master – 2020

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