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September 23rd, 2024

Featured Question

Optimizing Fertilizer Strategies

Navigating the Transition to 100% Liquid Fertilizer

I’m looking at switching over to 100% liquid fertilizer this year (for starter and broadcast) and I’m heading from some folks that I should consider lowering my applied amounts by significant amounts to account for the much lower amount of nitrification that will occur (claiming losses of 20-40% with dry urea vs 5% with liquid). Have any of you made this switch and did you adjust your units per bushel of yield target due to the liquid being less at risk of losses? This will be on small research plots of various crops including wheat, canola, and others.

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Featured Community

Convergence Conference

THINK, LINK, & LEAP: Feel the spark of new ideas in agriculture

Join in as we light the path to progress in a gathering of agriculture’s brightest minds and most passionate innovators. Dive into cutting-edge tech, share stories, and collaborate in a way that promises to reshape farming, our food, and our wellness. Together, let’s rise to harness the power of unity, empowerment, and intelligence to ensure our farms, our food, and our health will thrive for generations to come.

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Canadian Ag Day

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Webinar Recording

Elevating Soil Health Through Irrigation Best Practices

Irrigation has been a game changer – allowing us to grow productive crops in places where it would not be otherwise possible. But are these crops hitting their full yield potential?

Our expert panel discusses the impacts of irrigation on soil health: from pH to soil structure to nutrient availability and more. They share practical advice and insights to help you turn on the taps to greater profitability.


  • Dr. Charlie Sanchez – Research Specialist, Arid/Semi-arid Agriculture (U of Arizona, ret.)
  • Dr. Terry Tindall – Former Director Agronomy, Jr Simplot Company (Idaho)
  • Brooke Bateman – Keg River Chemical Corp.
  • Robert Saik – AGvisorPRO, Moderator


Watch the recording for the ‘Elevating Soil Health through Irrigation Best Practices’ webinar sponsored by AGvisorPRO and Keg River Chemical Corp.

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