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Dec 8, 2023

Event Highlights

Agri-Food Innovation Expo

Red Deer, AB

Our team is reminiscing about what a BLAST we had at the Agri-Food Innovation Expo (AFIE) last week! A huge congrats to the organizers, Westerner Park and Ag Expo Lethbridge for putting on a spectacular event.

The Day One Closing Keynote was our Founder & CEO, Rob Saik speaking on sustainable intensification and providing insights on how agriculture is going to feed the future.

Not to mention, Agri-Food Innovation Expo chose AGvisorPRO as its official event platform. This exciting collaboration elevates the experience for attendees beyond the three-day conference, making it possible for them to stay connected to the agri-food industry all year round!

Join the community here to stay informed about AFIE 2024!

Featured Event

Rob attends Harvard University!

Last week, Founder & CEO of AGvisorPRO, Robert Saik, attended Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government for the 30th annual Private and Public, Scientific, Academic, and Consumer Food Policy (PAPSAC) to address global food security and policy issues.

Topics focused on were:

  • Farmland Values in the Era of Climate Change 
  • Ag Tech and its disconnects
  • The Political Process

At this event, Rob’s goal was to touch on building confidence through connectivity and leveraging AI to advance technology adoption at farm level. He started the conversation with a LinkedIn post that sparked some great comments. The question he posed was, “What factors do you believe are the main drivers of land values?

Featured Article

Open AI’s 2023 Developer Conference and What it Could Mean for the Future of LLMs

Written by Brock Moir – Chief Product Officer, AGvisorPRO

Interested in AI? See what our CPO had to say about the Open AI developer conference keynotes. This article looks at what this means for the future of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and especially the Open AI platform. Find out about the highlights of the release, as well as what this could mean for future AI platforms. 

Featured Article

Which Calgary Social Startups are Redefining Impact in Canada’s Economy?

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