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Oct 16th, 2023

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Featured Article

Ag Retailers’ Future Rides on Integrating Agronomy and Autonomy

Kenneth Zuckerberg


AGvisorPRO was recently mentioned in a CoBank article by Kenneth Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg recently presented to ag retailers and equipment industry professionals at Raven Industries’ annual Ignite innovation symposium, sharing his ideas on how they can navigate the future. This research brief is a summary of major issues and opportunities he covered at the meeting.

“Agronomic information-sharing platforms [like AGvisorPRO] could be precursors to a next-generation retailer where advice is the value-added product, rather than seeds, chemicals and fertilizer.”

Upcoming Event

AgriTrade Equipment Expo

Red Deer, AB
November 8,9 & 10th

Agri-Trade Equipment Expo attracts over 30,000 qualified Agriculture Buyers and over 475 equipment manufacturers and  Agricultural Services to Red Deer. 

Agri-Trade happens over three days each November and is host to exhibitors representing the very best in agriculture equipment, technology, service and products.

The AGvisorPRO team will be attending and may have something up their sleeve… stay tuned for after-party details!

An aerial view of AgriTrade Expo from previous years.

Webinar Recording

The Green Gold Rush

Carbon Markets in Agriculture

Interested in the future of agriculture? Watch this recording for an in-depth exploration of the “Green Gold Rush.” Discover the potential of carbon markets in agriculture and acquire valuable insights to effectively navigate this emerging market.

Our distinguished panel of experts included:

  • Derek Squair
    Director of Sustainability at Trimble Inc.
  • Harry Greene
    Co-founder & Chief Research Officer at Propagate

    Mike Ferguson
    Co-founder at Collective Impact Carbon
  • Neil Smith
    Vice President of North America at Carbon Asset Solutions

Featured Community

Agri-Food Innovation Expo

For its inaugural year, Agri-Food Innovation Expo has chosen AGvisorPRO as its official event platform. This exciting collaboration is expected to elevate the experience for attendees beyond the three-day show, making it possible for them to stay connected to the agri-food industry all year round. With AGvisorPRO, attendees will have access to a community as well as show details, breakout room presentations, industry experts, and real-time support.

In addition to the community, attendees will have access to the rest of the AGvisorPRO ecosystem where they can get advice from a diverse group of over 750 industry experts and potentially connect with thousands of farmers.

Join us and download the app to get connected and prepare for the event:

  1. Follow this link
  2. Download the app & create a profile
  3. You’ll automatically be entered into the community
Agri-Food Innovation Expo

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