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September 29th, 2023

Featured Article

Access Repair Procedure Info and Parts

The Western Producer

“AGvisorPRO is a vision to connect agriculture in a brand new way,” said CEO, Rob Saik, about why the company was created. “visorPRO is a more specific tool, developed to help service technicians access a variety of information using artificial intelligence.”


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Straight-Cut or Swath Canola?

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Webinar Recording

The Green Gold Rush

Carbon Markets in Agriculture

Interested in the future of agriculture? Watch this recording for an in-depth exploration of the “Green Gold Rush.” Discover the potential of carbon markets in agriculture and acquire valuable insights to effectively navigate this emerging market. 

Our distinguished panel of experts included:

  • Derek Squair
    Director of Sustainability at Trimble Inc.
  • Harry Greene
    Co-founder & Chief Research Officer at Propagate

    Mike Ferguson
    Co-founder at Collective Impact Carbon
  • Neil Smith
    Vice President of North America at Carbon Asset Solutions

Upcoming Event

Agri-Food Innovation Expo

“This conference will provide an invaluable opportunity for the industry to discover how businesses can better serve today’s discerning consumers. Events like these are helping chart the course for the future of the Canadian agri-food industry.” 

– Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Senior Director, Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University. 

Learn and develop your professional toolbox, and gain one-on-one feedback that will launch your business to the next level.

Get your tickets soon to take advantage of the reduced conference rate:

Agri-Food Innovation Expo

Featured Podcast

Farmers Capital Conversations

In this week’s episode, Casey is guested by Robert Saik, who, with four decades of agricultural experience, is here to illuminate the key chasms in agriculture. These insights are game-changers for the industry, from the divide between niche and commercial farmers to the technology adoption gap. 

Rob introduces the revolutionary VisorPRO.ai transforming how we access dealer manuals and technical expertise. Seamlessly connecting knowledge with action!

And what about the future of family farms? Rob dives deep into the importance of planning and utilizing tools like AGvisorPRO for wealth creation and sustainable legacies.

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