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Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO

Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO. Our weekly roundup of featured experts, updates and more.

Week of August 18th, 2023

What’s New

Now I’m sure you have seen multiple posts about visorPRO.

But what is visorPRO exactly? Watch the video to hear Monica give you an overview of visorPRO in less than 2 minutes!

Featured Expert

Brandon Vining

Brandon is from Saint Anthony, ID and he is the owner and president of ProGro Consulting. Brandon attended Idaho State University and received his Bachelor of Science in Botany and Plant Biology.

Brandon has a wide range of experience in agriculture. He is an experienced agronomist, with a large history of working with management and consulting. He is skilled in agrochemicals, sales management, and soil fertility.

ProGro Consulting is a private consulting business that helps growers maximize yield, ROI, and overall farm profitability. His company is currently servicing over 10 states from California to Pennsylvania. 

Featured Company

Area One Farms

Area One Farms is a company that helps producers obtain more capital, without the risk. Area One Farms is about building equity partnerships to enable producers to be able to expand without fees, rent, or interest payments. 

They bridge the gap between agriculture and equity – helping quality Canadian farmers expand their operations in a stable and committed partnership.

Area One Farms has been operating since 2013. They bring together committed and skillful investors and innovative farmers together to be able to invest and expand farmers’ land base, while keeping the farmer as the owner. Over the years, They have found that one of the main issues in today’s agriculture world is farmers’ management abilities outstrip their financial capacity. In addition to this, many Canadian farmers need to expand to ensure profitability, but there is a lack of access to long-term capital that is provided without significant risk.

Renting land exposes farms to real estate market fluctuations and keeps farmers from being able to plan for the long term. For a large capital acquisition, bank interest payments put a heavy burden on operations. On the other hand, ownership groups corporatize the farm operation and turn farmers into owners and managers. Area One aims to give farmers a third alternative: an equity partner.


The partnership process has some specific instructions that are required, but thankfully they provide nothing but quality investors to help you navigate through these crucial steps. Area One Farms’ mission is to invest with farmers to; acquire land and related assets to achieve critical scale, improve land to maximize productivity, add value, sustain assets, and manage for profitability. 

To learn more about Area One Farms, and how they can help your operation reach out to Lars Rogers in the app today.


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