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Week of August 11th, 2023


AgSmart Recap

Last week the AGvisorPRO team attended AgSmart, in Olds, Alberta!

AGvisorPRO was the official event platform for this event. We created a specific community for AgSmart, which turns the two-day show into a 24/7/365 community.

At AgSmart there were over 40 expert educational sessions, live demos, 100+ interactive exhibits, and field day access! It was a full two days full of learning and fun!

Here are some photos of the AGvisorPRO team at the event!

A picture of the AGvisorPRO team standing in a booth

Our leadership team was invited to speak at one of the educational tents. Rob, Patrick, and Brock nailed the presentation and demo of visorpro.ai!

In typical AGvisorPRO fashion, we hosted an after-party.  It turned out to be a great night of dancing and fun!

Mark your calendars, as AgSmart 2024 is July 30th-31st! We can’t wait to see you there. Stay tuned for ticketing information on the AgSmart website.

Featured Podcast

Will People be Needed on the Farm?

Grand Farmer Podcast

This episode of the Grand Farmer Podcast, guests Felipe Gonzalez, Patrick Walther, and Adam Spelhaug were invited to speak about how new technological advancements are going to change the agriculture industry.

Patrick Walther, Co – Founder and COO of AGvisorPRO spoke about the newest product release of AGvisorPRO, which we call visorPRO.

Tune into the podcast episode here:

Featured Article

Machinery dealers use artificial intelligence to improve farmer service

Successful Farming

CNH dealers in Saskatchewan & Montana collaborate with AGvisorPRO, utilizing a Large Language Model AI system called VisorPRO.

VisorPRO automates responses to queries, optimizing efficiency and elevating customer service. The AI technology provides immediate, accurate answers from technical manuals, enabling dealerships to streamline support processes. 

This innovation reshapes customer service, setting new efficiency standards and aiding technical personnel during peak seasons. The integration revolutionizes business operations, addressing challenges posed by rising wage rates.

Read the whole article here:

A picture of a farmer holding a laptop in front of tractors

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