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July 6, 2023
Calgary, Alberta

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AGvisorPRO Partners with Young's Equipment to Launch the First Large Language Model for Equipment Dealers

AGvisorPRO Inc. is excited to announce an expanded partnership with Young’s Equipment, a leading farm equipment dealership who will be leveraging its visorPROTM AI-powered technology with the aim of enhancing customer technical service and support.

“The challenge for equipment dealerships is the sheer volume of questions and technical support required in a compressed season. Hundreds of requests arrive each day during seeding, spraying and harvest. Considering the scarcity and expense of onboarding skilled talent, often these recurring questions tie up even more valuable technical resources” says Patrick Walther, Co-Founder of AGvisorPROTM.

“Our team recognized this constraint and behind the scenes, has been working on a scalable solution leveraging the power of our visorPRO AI technology. We are now ready to showcase visorPRO with selected dealerships”, adds Walther.

visorPRO is based on a Large Language Model (LLM) AI system which is specifically designed to extract accurate answers from technical, operational, and service manuals. This visorPRO AI solution is designed to solve current dealership challenges by automating referenced responses to repeated queries with a “human-in-the-loop” approach, freeing technical experts to focus on more complex issues.

Sean Young, Assistant General Manager of Young’s Equipment, comments, “Our partnership with AGvisorPRO in launching visorPRO marks a significant leap forward in the industry. The ability to streamline our support process using AI technology will revolutionize our customer service offering and set a new standard in the dealership landscape.”

Young continues, “We’re not just implementing new technology; we’re reshaping our approach to customer service. Through visorPRO, we’re increasing the efficiency of our technicians and ultimately supporting our customers better with immediate, accurate responses to their queries, and in doing so, we’re setting a precedent for efficiency, quality of service, and innovative thinking in our sector.”

The partnership between AGvisorPRO and Young’s Equipment and the launch of aims to redefine the dynamics of dealership customer service, enhancing the customer experience, and will set a new benchmark for the industry.

AGvisorPRO is eager to lead this revolution, empowered by the promise that AI holds, and the immense value it will add to our client’s customer service capabilities. visorPRO is set to significantly impact technical support at the dealership level.

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About AGvisorPRO:
AGvisorPRO Inc. is a cutting-edge technology company that connects farmers with experts, suppliers, and other agricultural professionals in real-time to enhance productivity, profitability, and sustainability in farming.

About Young’s Equipment:
Young’s Equipment Inc. is a modern and dynamic equipment dealer servicing the agricultural industry in Southern Saskatchewan, dedicated to providing top-quality service and state-of-the-art agricultural equipment.