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June 13, 2023
Calgary, Alberta

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Farmers Gain Deeper Financial Benchmarking with Farmcaster on AGvisorPRO

AGvisorPRO is thrilled to announce the integration of Farmcaster, a cloud-based farm financial management software program, into its Virtual Marketplace. This collaboration exemplifies AGvisorPRO’s commitment to expanding the ease of farmers’ accessing essential services and expertise.

Farmcaster, founded by Terry Betker, is a comprehensive farm financial analysis tool. The program calculates a full set of financial ratios, and provides forecasting, scenario analysis, cash flow budgeting, enterprise analysis, benchmarking and much more. This information enables farmers to gain valuable insights to confidently analyze the financial performance of their farms, regardless of the farm’s sector. Making informed decisions, backed by Farmcaster, helps drive efficiency and profitability.

“We like where AGvisorPRO is going by creating a place where farmers can connect to qualified experts and professional services that can advance their operations.” says Josée Lemoine, CEO. “We feel Farmcaster fits well in the AGvisorPRO ecosystem because users can benefit from its financial performance analysis capabilities, scenario planning, cost of production, trendline and benchmarking analysis. Farmcaster provides secure online cloud-based data storage and access.”

“We are excited to bring Farmcaster to AGvisorPRO’s Virtual Marketplace,” said Robert Saik, CEO of AGvisorPRO. “Our goal is to simplify the path for farmers seeking financial benchmarking solutions from trusted service providers, and Farmcaster aligns perfectly with our mission. By integrating Farmcaster into our ecosystem, we empower farmers with the tools they need to achieve financial success.”

Farmers who download AGvisorPRO for free on iOS or Android can easily access Farmcaster and leverage its powerful financial performance analysis capabilities. The program’s intuitive interface and clean presentation have earned praise from farmers, who value its simplicity and ease of use as a decision-making tool. Additionally, farm consultants have found tremendous value in the multifaceted program, utilizing it across various domains such as finance, management, human resource management, and risk analysis.

AGvisorPRO’s commitment to providing an unbiased and agnostic ecosystem dedicated solely to agriculture shines through this partnership with Farmcaster. Together, they aim to empower farmers with the financial insights and expertise they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Join AGvisorPRO and Farmcaster on June 29th at 10AM MST for “The Importance of Farm Financial Benchmarking” webinar.


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About AGvisorPRO:

AGvisorPRO innovative approach allows farmers to connect with a wide range of experts, enabling them to make better decisions, increase efficiency, and drive productivity. AGvisorPRO is committed to simplifying the process of accessing agricultural expertise and services, ensuring that farmers have the support they need when they need it. 

About Farmcaster:

Farmcaster is a cloud-based financial analysis software program that offers farmers a comprehensive suite of financial ratios, indicators, and related information. Led by CEO Josée Lemoine, Farmcaster’s forecasting model provides valuable insights to farmers, enabling them to confidently analyze their farm’s financial performance. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, Farmcaster is a trusted tool for farmers and consultants alike, enhancing decision-making and driving financial success in the agriculture industry.