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Week of May 19th, 2023

Upcoming Tradeshows

With June around the corner, The AGvisorPRO team is looking forward to our upcoming trade shows.

Agri-Food Innovation Expo

June 6th-8th – Red Deer, AB

The Agri Food Innovation Expo is a brand new event coming to Alberta this summer. The AGvisorPRO app is announced to be the official event platform, turning the event into a 365/24/7 community. 

Don’t miss out on this event! Stay up to date about the Agri Food Innovation Expo: Join the Community Today.

Buy your tickets today from Agri-Food.

AgSmart Expo

August 1st & 2nd – Olds, AB

This year the AgSmart and AGvisorPRO have teamed up to enhance the event experience by connecting farmers, industry experts, and more. The AGvisorPRO app is the official platform for this event, allowing attendees to stay connected year-round. Learn more about AgSmart here.

With AGvisorPRO, attendees will have access to an exclusive community including show details, breakout room presentations, industry experts, and real-time support. In addition to the community, attendees will have access to the rest of the AGvisorPRO ecosystem where they can get advice from a diverse group of over 750 industry experts and connect with thousands of farmers. Our app’s matchmaking technology ensures that attendees are connected with the right experts, allowing them to get their questions answered quickly and accurately. 


AGvisorPRO’s communities feature lets you be a part of a group of people interested in the same age topics as you. Think of it like the digital coffee shop, where every table is talking about a specific topic. Connect with others, view posts, ask questions, and solve problems without the noise of social media.

Regenerative Ag

More than the buzzword, this group is dedicated to discussion around the latest regenerative practices and technology, where does the rubber hit the road? Tune in for content from our contributors, or ask the community a question anonymously.

Check out this community and stay up to date with the latest news in regenerative agriculture by joining today.

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Top Question of the Week

With seeding coming to a head across the prairie provinces and states, this has brought in thought-provoking questions into the app. A producer out of Wallula, WA asked this question: 

Looking for help with alkaline soils and growing potatoes. Ground gets really tight and spuds have a hard time expanding in the hill. Plants have a hard time with row closure. Looking for better foliage growth and soften the soil up a bit.

See what experts had to say about this, check out Luke Johnson’s response.

Featured Company

Backswath Management

Canada’s leading agriculture only consulting group, Backswath Management can help your farm or agribusiness perform better today and meet your goals tomorrow. 

Backswath Management core services:

  • Transition Management 
  • Growth Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management 
  • Benchmarking 
  • Peer Groups
  • Education and Training 
  • Advisory Boards
  • Regenerative Farm Business Management Support

Backswath can help you take your operation to a higher level. Reach out to Brendon Fornwald, Scott Kemp, or Katelyn Duncan in the app today.

Backswath Management Logo
Profile of Darcy Boisvert

Featured Expert

Darcy Boisvert

Independent Agronomist

Darcy Boisvert wears many hats. Darcy is a cash crop producer and an independent agronomist out of Girouxville, AB. He has experience in wheat, canola, peas, as well as the specialty crop of hemp for fibre production.He is part of the Boisvert Farms operation. He is a pedigree seed grower of wheat and peas, and has mobile seed cleaning services as well. 

Reach out to Darcy Boisvert in the app today, and check out his great advice he has given to some deep questions. 

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