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Week of May 12th, 2023

Join us for Webinar #5 in our series

Connecting the Consumer to Agriculture

May 30th 10am MST

With the rate at which farming is advancing, trying to connect agriculture with consumers can be difficult. The gap between producers and consumers is only becoming a more prevalent issue, and AGvisorPRO is working towards bridging that gap. This webinar will tackle the challenges and opportunities working through the value chain, beginning with processors all the way to consumer packaged goods.

Additionally, we will be highlighting the inaugural Agri-Food Innovation Expo that is coming to Red Deer, Alberta June 6th-8th. AGvisorPRO has been selected as the official event platform, turning this 3 day event into a 365/24/7 community. Read more about Agri-Food Innovation Expo event here.

Join us as we bring some great experts to explore how we amp up our value-added sectors and be part of bridging the gap between producers and consumers.

Let’s meet our panellists!

Terry Aberhart: Chief Officer of Future Growth @ Aberhart Farms, Entrepreneur and Speaker
Tracy Bush: Sales Manager at MGM Seed and Grain
Sylvain Charlebois: Senior Director, Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University
Robert Saik: Founder & CEO of AGvisorPRO

The $H!T You Need To Know

Final Episode - Handoff to AGvisorPOD

AGvisorPRO experts Jason Hanson and Kyle Okke have passed the torch into the hands of the AGvisorPRO team! The $H!T You Need To Know episodes will now be hosted by our Founder & CEO, Rob Saik, and available on our very own podcast: The AGvisorPOD.

Tune into the last episode for all the details, and see where the AGvisorPOD is headed!

As always, you can reach agronomists Jason Hanson and Kyle Okke on the AGvisorPRO app today.


The AGvisorPOD: Grazing Solar Farms

with Matthew Craig

The AGvisorPOD’s host Rob Saik dug up a really great question this week from the app. It was a producer from Bernard, IA wondering if anyone has experience about grazing solar sites.

The guest Rob brings on this week’s episode is Matthew Craig, vegetation management specialist, native plant specialist, and livestock farmer. Matthew has a ton of experience in all areas of this topic, which made him the right expert to connect with!

Listen to the episode here: https://getagvisorpro.com/media/ 

Tune into the last episode for all the details, and see where the AGvisorPOD is headed!

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