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Week of May 5th, 2023

Women in Ag Community

This group is designed to create a supportive community for women who work in or have an interest in agriculture. Whether you are a farmer, rancher, researcher, or advocate for agriculture, we welcome you to join us. This group features AGvisorPRO expert Katelyn Duban (better known as the @wildrosefarmer on instagram). Katelyn is a first generation farmer, living on her family’s multi-generational grain and oilseed operation in Southern Alberta. Katelyn started The Rural Woman Podcast back in 2019 to amplify and celebrate the diverse voices of women in the ag industry. 

This community provides a platform for members to ask questions, share experiences, knowledge, and resources. We aim to empower and inspire women to succeed in their careers, build meaningful relationships with other women in the industry, and advocate for agriculture.

We believe that by coming together as a group, we can support each other’s growth, learn from each other’s experiences, and build a stronger, more inclusive agriculture industry. We welcome women of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels who share our passion for agriculture.

Share your experience today: Join the Women in Agriculture Community.

The AGvisorPOD’s Latest Episode:

Talkin’ Talc Replacements With Justin Miller

You know what is better than listening to music when you are seeding?


Our latest short episode on the AGvisorPOD features biological industry expert Justin Miller. In this episode, our host Robert Saik, and Justin discuss options for replacing talcum powder on your farm.

Tune into this episode here: AGvisorPOD.

Connect with AGvisorPRO expert Justin Miller today.


Press Release

AGvisorPRO to connect the Agri-Food Innovation Expo – Press Release

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AGvisorPRO to connect the Agri-Food Innovation Expo Red Deer, Alta., May 1, 2023 - For its inaugural year, Agri-Food Innovation Expo has chosen AGvisorPRO as its official event platform. This exciting collaboration is expected to elevate the experience for attendees beyond the three-day show, making it possible for them to stay connected to the agri-food industry all year round. With AGvisorPRO, attendees will have access to a community as well as show details, breakout room presentations, industry experts, and real-time support.In addition to the community, attendees will have access to the rest of the AGvisorPRO...

What’s new on AGvisorPRO?

New Feed

One of the most noteworthy additions is the new feed on the home screen. This feature aggregates your recent activity from communities and users you follow, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest developments. The feed is an excellent tool for discovering relevant content. Don’t have a feed yet? Join your first community or follow your first user to get started in the app today!

File Sharing

At AGvisorPRO, we are committed to providing maximum context around every question. That’s why we built our Q&A functionality, and we are excited to announce the latest addition to this feature: file sharing. 

With file sharing, you can now share important data such as PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations in questions and answers. We are also bringing file sharing to chat and community posts next week, so keep an eye out for that.

Coming Soon

Non Anonymous Option

In the coming weeks, we are improving our “Q and A” feature by making it optional to stay anonymous.

One more way to ask to a community

We are adding the ability to use the “Ask” button to ask a question in a community, as well as the rest of the network. We are always working to improve our platform, and we hope these new features will make AGvisorPRO even more valuable to you.

ask non anonymous AGvisorPRO

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