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Week of April 21st, 2023


Ecoation: The greenhouse platform for the modern grower.

Ecoation is the industry’s leading forecasting platform for greenhouses. Their IPM and Yield Forecast serve growers with actionable intel extracted from a mountain of data to increase operational visibility, assist growers, enhance their decisions, and help to scale their success.

Ecoation considers themselves to be realistic dreamers. The team works hard to ensure the world can benefit from food that is quality, reasonably priced, and pesticide free. Their 5 main values are; Synergy, Earth Citizenship, Ownership, SISU is in our DNA, and Realistic Dreamering. 

Ecoation’s mission is to help greenhouse growers get the visibility they need to protect their plants from pests and diseases before a pest or disease outbreak happens. Ecoation’s technology gives growers the ability to measure their crop forecast and their yield, while also increasing labor efficiency, and minimizing production loss.

Learn about Ecoation and how they can help you reduce risk on your operation today.

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This community is found in the AGvisorPRO app and is a place for all growers in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) to connect and learn from each other and AGvisorPRO’s experts. Connect with others, view posts, ask questions, and solve problems without the noise of social media.

The mission of the Horticulture/CEA community is to enable and connect the horticulture industry to expertise in production, equipment, pest control, and agronomic practices. Afterall, we all work better when we have a group of peers and experts to lean on.

Join the Horticulture/Controlled Environment Agriculture Community in the AGvisorPRO app today! For more information, or if you are interested in becoming a community contributor contact Wilson Schultz.

Featured Expert

Sam Soltaninejad

Chief Horticultural Specialist at Sollum Technology

Sam is an experienced plant protection specialist with a demonstrated history of working in horticulture and vegetable production. His niche is in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Management, Cell Culture, IPM and biological control, cultivation and plant health. Sam has his masters focused in Plant Pathology and Mycology, and he is motivated about sustainable agriculture, food safety, medicinal plants and fresh products. 

Sam has a passion for plant production. Check out Sam Soltaninejad’s profile in the AGvisorPRO app today.

Services for your farm: Greenhouse Crops Diseases Diagnostic and Management Service

Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza, Greenhouse Specialist and Consultant, has over 40 years of experience with greenhouses, cultivation and crop management. What to expect:

A Complete Diagnostic

Dr. Mirza will investigate your greenhouse issues and provide answers to:

  • What is the disease?
  • Why does this disease occur?
  • Is it climate-related or nutrient-related?



  • Reduction or control recommendations
  • Provide related publications

To Learn more about this service contact Dr. Mirza here. 

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