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Week of April 7th, 2023

Breaking Down Bentonite Sulphur: Keys to Top Fertilizer Performance

Looking for ways to enhance your crop growth and get the most out of your farm? Join Keg River Chemical Corp for a fascinating 45-minute webinar, led by a panel of experienced speakers who will delve into the secrets of optimal fertilizer performance. Discover how you can use elemental sulfur to transform your operation and result in thriving crops and soil. Plus, get the chance to ask questions and gain valuable insights during the 15-minute Q&A after the webinar. This is a must-attend webinar for you to expand your knowledge about the use of elemental sulfur, and how you can utilize their products to achieve quality crops and receive return on investment.


  • Dr. Terry Tindall, Former Director of Agronomy at J.R Simplot Company
  • Elston Solberg, President of Sun Mountain Inc. 
  • Daryl Schuster, Founder and President of Keg River Chemical Corp
  • Robert Saik, Founder and CEO of AGvisorPRO. 

When is it? April 20th at 11 am MST 

Don’t miss out on their opportunity! The panel of experts will be discussing everything you need to know about Keg River’s elemental sulphur fertilizers.  

Register for this webinar here today: Keg River Chemical Corp Webinar.

Webinar - Breaking down bentonite sulfur
Webinar - Breaking down bentonite sulfur
Bryan Moriarty

Estate Planning For Family-Owned Farm

Byran Moriarty, a friend of AGvisorPRO isn’t just hosting one, but two webinars! Bryan is an expert when it comes to estate planning, and this webinar series will be discussing everything you need to know when it comes to family farm estate planning. 

Grow your Legacy, not your worries. Join Bryan’s Estate Planning for Farmers Webinar today to secure your farm’s future tomorrow. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Protect your estate value
  • Determine your estate distribution
  • Develop a succession plan
  • Minimize estate taxation
  • Monitor and evaluate

Don’t let this opportunity slip you by, register for this webinar to stabilize your farm’s transition plan today. 

Register for his webinar on April 27th at 7 pm CST 

Register for his webinar on May 2nd at 7 pm CST 

AGvisorPRO’s Outside-In Webinar: Discussing Controlled Environment Agriculture

Join the AGvisorPRO team on an exciting webinar on indoor farming hosted by renowned agricultural expert Rob Saik, and a panel of industry specialists. Discover the technologies and practices behind indoor farming and how it can revolutionize the way we grow food. Our panellists will delve into topics such as efficiency, sustainability, and the potential impact of indoor farming on the market. 


  • Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza, Professional Agrologist and Greenhouse Specialist
  • Michael Short, President of EcoHabitat Agri Services and Greenhouse Pest Specialist
  • Robert Saik, CEO and Founder of AGvisorPRO

Whether you are an agricultural professional or a curious farmer, this webinar is an opportunity to learn about this emerging sector and explore how you can get involved in its growth. Don’t miss out on this chance to gain valuable insights into the future of farming! 

When is this webinar? AGvisorPRO is hosting this webinar on April 27 @10AM Mountain Time. 

Don’t be late! Register for this upcoming webinar here today 

Here are some great past webinars that you’ll want to catch up on:

Soileos: The Cherry on Top

AGvisorPRO’s platform partner Aberhart Ag Solutions hosted a webinar last week. They partnered with Lucent Bio, Suregrowth Solutions, Aberhart Farms, and Soileos to put on an informative webinar that provided you with a list of ingredients to help you achieve your 2023 bumper crop, with the addition of the cherry on top, Soileos fertilizer. At this webinar the panelists discussed everything you need to know about soileos fertilizer. Find out why Soileos is unlike any other product on the market, the key nutrients it provides, and what exciting developments are in store for this groundbreaking fertilizer product

This webinar will foster your fertilizer plans for the 2023 growing season into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to lead you to overall success! If you want to learn how you can utilize these products in your operation you can listen to the webinar here, or watch the recording here

If you would like to inquire more about this, you can reach Dan Aberhart or Graham McMurty on the AGvisorPRO app today. 

Aberhart Ag Solutions logo

Beyond Nutrition: Discussing biologicals

Last week, the AGvisorPRO team hosted the webinar, Beyond Nutrition: Discussing Biologicals. The panelists dove deep into the exciting world of biologicals and discussing how big the opportunity is with the use of biologicals on your operation. If you missed this great webinar, don;t worry we have turned it into a podcast for you so you are able to listen while you are on the go! 

Who were these expert panelists? Our panelists included;


Learn today how you can increase your bottom line, and your crop yields while also improving your soil health and fertility on your operation. This was an unmissable webinar, so don’t forget to take a listen to the podcast here: Beyond Nutrition: Discussing Biologicals. 

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