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AgKnow Community

Week of March 17th, 2023

AgKnow Community, a place where producers can focus on their mental health.

“AgKnow is a result of advocacy and request from Alberta’s agriculture community including associations, Agricultural Service Boards, Commodity Boards and Commissions, and individual farmers. Being a farmer with experience both with the stresses of farming and finding help that was affordable and accessible for my family and members of my community, when the opportunity came to do a needs assessment and work on solutions that will have a real benefit I couldn’t turn it down.”

Linda Hunt, Director of the Alberta Farm Mental Health Network.
Linda Hunt - AgKnow
agknow community

Whether it’s accessing resources, or pointing a farmer in the right direction, AgKnow is Alberta’s Farm Mental Health Network where farmers can connect directly to resources and services designed specifically for them.

In the community on the AGvisorPRO app, the contributors encourage the members to ask questions (anonymously), talk about how they’re REALLY doing, and engage with each other in meaningful and respectful ways – because we were never meant to do this alone. 

Everyone is welcome in the AgKnow Community.

AgKnow has an increasing amount of farm-focused mental health professionals, and they are offering a special package right now for farmers and families for two free counselling sessions through their referral network.

AgKnow, Alberta’s Farm Mental health Network a leader in mental health research efforts. They have partnered with the University of Alberta to generate new knowledge and best practices through research and community engagement, and impact policies and procedures relevant to farmers’ mental health. Their most recent study is about farmers’ overall stress levels, and how to cope with that.

Join the AgKnow community

Join the AgKnow community today, and prioritize your mental health to the same level you prioritize your farm work.

AgKnow is in need of your input!

Fill out this 10 minute survey today for a chance to win one of three $200 cash prizes. 

By filling out this survey, you can help the Alberta Farm Mental Health Network create a more positive farming future tomorrow.

Explore AgKnow’s network today here, book your free sessions, or use their anonymous self-check-in toll.

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