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This Week in AGvisorPRO is featuring our upcoming webinar, Beyond Nutrition: Discussing Biologicals.

Week of March 10th, 2023

Beyond Nutrition: Discussing Biologicals

Farmers are being asked to produce more and healthier food while meeting the demands of a growing population coupled with a more demanding consumer.
There is increasing interest in moving from synthetic crop protection to biological products that are perceived by the consumer as being more sustainable.
Modern technologies such as genomic sequencing and data management are unleashing many new types of Biological products.
The 3 broad categories of Biologicals include BioControls which are focused on weed, disease and insect management. BioStimulants are employed to increase the plant or animal’s ability to deal with stress. BioFertilizers help provide the nutrients necessary for growth.
As the focus on “sustainability” increases there will be more focus on how biologicals will impact metrics such as carbon sequestration and soil health.

Join AGvisorPRO on March 30th at 10 am MST as Robert Saik digs into this topic 3 experts: Brian Hora, a regenerative farmer from Iowa, Greg Shepherd, CCA & Sustainability specialist from Iowa, and one other expert. This webinar will be a great exploration of how big the biological opportunity might be.

webinar: Beyond Nutrition: Discussing Biologicals.

Check out some great questions that have came into the app about biologicals

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Question from Prince Albert, SK

I just recently read that biologicals have been around since the 1970’s. I know there are multiple different products on the market when it comes to different biological seed treatments, and I was wondering what people recommend for a seed treatment on barley.

Check out expert Karen Livesay Fitch’s recommendation here.

Question on AGvisorPRO

Question from Vulcan, AB

As someone trying to use better practices to improve and build soil biology, is it a no brainer to move away from conventional seed treats such as Raxil Pro? It only make sense that it must impede the ability of the soil biology to create a strong relationship with the plant roots, especially with microhizal fungi.

Expert Scott Gillespie gave a great answer to this question. Check it out here.

Question from Fairview, AB

How much of a roll in soil health do biologicals play?

Expert Greg Shepherd gave great advice to this question. Check it out here.

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