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This Week in AGvisorPRO is featuring our new podcast, The AGvisorPOD!

Week of March 3rd, 2023

The AGvisorPOD - The AGvisorPRO podcast

What is The AGvisorPOD all about?

The AGvisorPOD is your direct route to interesting and insightful conversations about agriculture. It’s a monthly show hosted by Rob Saik, CEO of AGvisorPRO. The AGvisorPOD discusses anything from deeper digs into the details of soil health, to high-level conversations about our globalized food system.

AGvisorPOD takes material from AGvisorPRO’s monthly webinar series, and transforms it into a show you can listen to on the go!

The podcast is available to download from our website, or you can find the AGvisorPOD on your favourite podcasting app.

Tune into The AgvisorPOD today!

Find the AGvisorPOD on your favourite podcasting app!

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