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Week of January 13th 2023

How To Make The Precision Decision Webinar

Join us for a webinar that will look from the bottom up and the top town of precision agriculture. We will be discussing how to integrate leading soil technology and remote sensing technology to better allocate your resources and maximize profits.

We have a great panel of speakers:

  • Cory Willness – CEO of Croptimistic Technology and CropPro Consulting.
  • Kevin Krieg – Director of Business Development at Intelinair.
  • Igor Tihonov – Founder and CEO of Solvi.
  • Robert Saik – Founder and CEO of AGvisorPRO. 

When is it? January 25th, 2023 at 10:30 AM Mountain Time 

AGvisorPRO how to make the precision decision webinar

Long Term Wealth, Farm Liquidity Solutions & Succession Planning Webinar

If you’re a farm family wrestling with the issues of long term wealth, farm liquidity solutions, taxes and succession planning, we have the solution for you. In December AGvisorPRO hosted a webinar discussing all these issues with an awesome panel of speakers who can help you with this! 

We had some great speakers including:

  • CEO/Founder of AGvisorPRO Robert Saik
  • Derryn Shrosbree CEO/Founder of 33Seven.
  • Dean Klippenstine Partner/Business Advisor at MNP.
  • Elaine Froese – Farm Family Coach and Author. 

Sign up for Elaine Froese Farm Family Transition Coaching and Speaking by downloading the AGvisorPRO app today, and looking under services. Still have questions for these four? Reach them in the AGvisorPRO app today! Robert Saik, Derryn Shrosbree, Dean Klippenstine, and Elaine Froese.

Navigating the On-Farm Climate Action Fund Webinar

Did you miss our OFCAF webinar in October? Don’t stress we have recorded it for you! This webinar will get you set with the resources and contacts you need to make sure you’re not missing out! There is a good chance you can get reimbursed for practices you implemented this past growing season if you submit an application. 

We had some great speakers including:

  •  Scott Gillespie CCA & PAg
  • Jason Casselman from the Canola Council of Canada
  • Samara Hutton from the Canola Council of Canada

Take advantage of Scott Gillespie’s OFCAF planning and support service. 

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