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Week of January 6th, 2023

Farm4Profit Podcast

with Tanner Winterhof, David Whitaker, and Corey Hillebo

The Farm4Profit Podcast is said to be the mullets of agriculture podcasts. Their goal is to share tips to help your farm be more profitable while simultaneously being one of the most entertaining podcasts out there. Tanner, David, and Corey all grew up immersed in different parts of agriculture and all three of these guys work so well together, because they all have something unique to bring to the podcast. 

The Farm4Profit Podcast kicked off 2023 with CEO and Founder of AGvisorPRO Rob Saik, with what we’re best at, giving quality advice. The episode features answers from previous Farm4Profit guests to the question “What is the best advice you have ever been given?” Our app is a way for farmers to instantaneously connect with agriculture experts worldwide and get the advice they need to move forward with confidence. Listen to the full episode here.

If you would like to watch the youtube episode, click the video below,

Agronomists Happy Hour

with Kyle Okke and Jason Hanson

Two agronomists from North Dakota getting into conversations with others that work in agriculture, of course, over an ice-cold beverage. Agronomy and beer, how fun! Jason, Certified Crop Advisor and Agricultural Consultant and Kyle, Technical Agronomist are both passionate about agronomy. 

Each week Jason and Kyle release two episodes, one being a segment called The $h!T You Need To Know. 

The $h!T You Need To Know episode is based on questions from real farmers that come in through the AGvisorPRO app. Each week, the guys pick their favourite question and discuss it in depth, creating great conversation on a variety of agronomic topics.

Listen and subscribe to the Agronomist Happy Hour Podcast. 

Have an agronomic question? You can reach both Jason and Kyle on the AGvisorPRO app. 

The Business of Agriculture  

with Damian Mason

Damian delivers insights and information to inspire individuals and organizations to Do Business Better. He provides his listeners with real world examples, with smart but straightforward information that people can relate to, as well gain from. 

Damian speaks on what he knows best: Business and Agriculture. He has spoken to over 2,400 different audiences with the goal of offering tips for success, ideas for self betterment, and mental stimulation for people who make Agriculture their Business. 

If you would like to subscribe to The Business of Agriculture Podcast click here. 

The Rural Woman Podcast

With Katelyn Duban

AGvisorPRO is a proud supporter of Katelyn Duban’s podcast: The Rural Woman. Katelyn originates from an urban setting, but this doesn’t stop her from doing what she is passionate about. Katelyn’s passion is agriculture as she is a farmer herself, (@wildrosefarmer on instagram). She is on a mission to amplify women’s voices in agriculture and rural lifestyle. 

On her podcast you can expect to hear real, honest conversations from rural women all over North America who are part of global food production, while also raising families, running businesses, and so much more! 

Tune in every Friday to hear Katelyn talk about a wide range of topics such as advocacy, innovation, and leadership in agriculture! You can listen and subscribe to this podcast here: The Rural Woman Podcast 

Reach Katelyn on the AGvisorPRO app: Katelyn Duban 

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