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Week of December 9th, 2022

Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO. Our weekly roundup of featured questions, experts, content, updates, announcements, and more.

Services for your farm:

AgCHIEVE Holiday Special

Do you struggle to keep up with grain prices in the busy seasons of farming? Say no more! 

For the past 20 years, AgCHIEVE has been helping farmers achieve higher grain and livestock prices by providing their customers with useful strategies. AGvisorPRO is inviting you to his marketing package holiday special. Through the AGvisorPRO app today, reach out to David Drozd with AgCHIEVE. David is offering this special until January 31st. 

What you can expect; 

  • Access at all times to a team of advisors by SMS
  • Timely sell recommendations by SMS
  • Daily market analysis
  • Daily closing report
  • Weekly wrap-up video
  • Daily future quote
  • And so much more! 

Don’t let this awesome deal and opportunity pass you by! Reach out to David in the AGvisorPRO app today to find out more information about this service. 

Are you an expert wanting to list a service? Follow the link here.

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AgCHIEVE Grain Marketing

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Top Question of the Week:

This week’s top question is about farm accounting software. Here is what the producer asked:

“For the private consultants or other ag business owners, what do you use for your accounting software? I’m currently using Quicken and like that I can keep track of all my banking (personal and business) on there but it doesn’t seem the best for invoicing.”

Check out Russell Morgan’s great recommendation in the app today. 

Featured Expert Profile:

Moe Agostino

Moe is a​​n expert when it comes to commodity trading and markets. He can read trends in the markets, and can determine futures as well as an agronomist can do plant counts, if that helps you understand Moe’s talent. Moe is specialized in risk management within the agriculture industry and is qualified in the United States and in Canada. No matter where you are in these countries, Moe can help you. 

Moe can bring you a wealth of insight to your operation. He has over 30 years of experience in equity and commodity trading. Moe provides the science, the math, and the nerve of when to pull the trigger to sell to maximize profits and reduce farm risk.

Connect with Moe Agostino in the AgvisorPRO app today. 

Moe Agostino - AGvisorPRO

Featured Platform Partner:

Flaman is a group of individuals working together with guidance from their 3 values: Customer Responsibility, Achievement of Goals and Making Things Better.

Flaman is a family owned company that has been serving western Canada’s agriculture industry for over 60 years. Flaman was originally started in 1959 in Southey, SK and since then through steady expansion and innovation, the company has transformed from a rural-based reseller of grain bins that operated off of the family homestead, to a Western Canadian retail powerhouse, with locations across the prairies.

 Flaman is an industry leader in agriculture, grain systems, trailer/equipment rentals, and fitness equipment. Flaman is recognized as a top 100 employer of Canada, and was recently added to the Saskatchewan Business Hall of Fame. 

Flaman’s core philosophy is “focusing on customer service, and putting their customers’ needs first that continues to drive their company forward.” 

If you would like to know more about Flaman’s vast and diverse product line, or how Flaman can help you reach out to Mark Flaman, Jerry Valcamp, or Yves Lalonde in the AGvisorPRO app today. 

Nut Milking 2

Milk Your Nuts or They’ll Milk You

In 2018, a viral video of Creamy Valley Nut Milkery showed the world how almond milk is really made. 50m+ views later, that video has been seen around the world, and has connected the public to how their food is produced.

4 years later, AGvisorPRO has interviewed the farmer to figure out how he was able to scale up his operation, keep up with demand, and improve the efficiency of processes on the farm.

AGvisorPRO is an essential app for any farmer who wants to improve their operation and spend less time searching for answers. Watch the whole video here.

AGvisorPRO APP - Search for canola

What's coming next in AGvisorPRO?

This week we have something really special for you all… all you need to do is update the AGvisorPRO app and tap the search icon on the dashboard! 

The new search allows you to sort through previous questions, answers, experts, and companies by using KEYWORDS. Gone are the days of the clunky search, it is now easier than ever to search for exactly what you’re looking for. 

Since we released Ask the Network last November, we have had over 800 questions come into the app and over (1400) question responses. Search lets you explore that entire database!

Give it a try by typing “Canola” into the search bar and see what you can find!

Meet the Team:

Brian West

Meet Brian West, one of AGvisorPRO’s Software Developers. When not writing code that powers the app we all know and love, you can find him either at the gym or biking out in the woods.

Brian works with the product team to implement and deliver new solutions every week while maintaining a high-quality product. It is said that no one alive has ever witnessed a subpar live demo from Brian.

He generally lives by one rule:

Don’t put in half of the effort unless you’re okay with half of the results

Brian West - Developer at AGvisorPRO

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