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Week of November 4th, 2022

Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO. Our weekly roundup of featured questions, experts, content, updates, announcements, and more.

Services for your farm:

Using Drones to Field Map and Spray on your operation

Are you looking for a way to map your fields without having to drive them? Felix Webber can help you with this. Felix has been a drone specialist since 2010, and he can help you with field mapping to analyse your crop health, field elevation, spraying from drones, and so much more! 

Felix can help you understand what is happening in your field, including what’s happening above the surface and below.

Learn more about Felix’s service here.

Are you an expert wanting to list your service? Contact us.

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Picture of Felix Weber
Felix Weber
Agricultural Consultant

Virtual Service $120/Session

Not sure where to start with your drone adventure? I can help you get set up with the best drone, and understand the regulations. You don’t have to fly blind!

AGvisor PRO soil compaction

Top Question of the Week:

This week’s top question is about soil compaction issues. Here is what the farmer asked:

“Super compacted soils with a plow pan layer about 4 inches down, not keen on deep ripping. What other options do I have? Any cropping options?”

Check out Robert Woolf’s response and other experts’ responses in the AgvisorPRO app today

Featured Expert Profile:

Robert Woolf

Robert, the man who can create the Rx for all your crop needs. 

Robert Woolf attended Brigham Young University where he received his GED. He from there found his passion in agronomy and ag technology, and became a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA). Robert spent many years working for Western Tractor Inc as a product specialist on John Deere equipment. Robert is presently the president of Crop Innovations inc. Crop Innovations inc is all about providing producers with independent consulting and agricultural coaching services to help farmers improve crop and soil health in a sustainable, profitable, environmentally safe way.

Robert has more than 40 years of experience in many different aspects of agriculture and production, and he is your expert when it comes to helping you create better fertility and production plans on your farm.

To learn more about Robert Woolf today, tap here on your mobile device. 

Robert Woolf profile on AGvisorPRO

Featured Platform Partner:

BioLiNE logo

BioLiNE Products Helping Build Healthier Soils

BioLiNE has developed products that enhance crops through their entire life-cycle from seeding to harvest. Their products are highly bioactive liquids based on purified fulvic acids that improve movement and assimilation of nutrients, and other active ingredients by plants. Their products are easy to handle and can be mixed or added to almost all agricultural inputs. The versatility of BioLiNE products keeps things simple for farmers, formulators, and custom applicators. Their products are great for use as seed treatment or mixed with in-furrow starter fertilizers. They can be applied easily by all types of irrigation systems, soil drenches or foliars for all types of crops including field-grown, container nursery, greenhouses and other methods of crop production.

BioLiNE is superior in the market because their products have extremely high potency, maximum purity, and are highly compatible with other inputs in crop production. Their products help producers achieve;

  • Rapid and Even Emergence
  • Stimulate Soil Biology
  • Buffer pH and Mitigate Against High Salinity
  • Improved Nutrient Use Efficiency
  • Increase Crops’ Natural Defences
  • Preserving the Genetic Yield Potential of Crops


BioLiNE products can be used on everything from legumes, oilseeds, cereals, fibrous crops, forages, fruits, and vegetables!

BioLiNE corporation are proud members and followers of many different industry and research organizations, and they aspire to produce the highest quality products for invigorating plant and soil health. They are leaders in giving plants a new appetite for growth.

If you are interested in what BioLiNE corporation can offer you, reach out to John Fisher, Mohammad Rahbari, or Geoff Bedard in our app today. 

Friends of AGvisorPRO

The Business of Agriculture podcast with Damian Mason 

Listen to Damian Mason’s take on topics surrounding the business of food, fuel, and fiber, interviews with industry professionals, commentary, and other great original content. This podcast offers tips for success, ideas for self betterment, and mental stimulation for people who make Agriculture their Business. 

Have a listen to this week’s episode about renewable diesel. Renewable diesel is the new buzz talk everywhere in Agriculture. Will it take off and reality match the fervor in farm circle discussions? Will the tax credits giving RD lift off remain with us? Will more biofuel fuel the “no food for fuel” debate? Well, yes, that’s almost a guarantee! 


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What's coming next in AGvisorPRO?

New this week is a way to follow professionals in AGvisorPRO!

New this week is a way to follow professionals in AGvisorPRO! Build your own network and keep tabs on your favourite professionals. Just hit the “Followed” section of your dashboard to see the new feature. Follow professionals in AGvisorPRO, and you will see all their activity in this new feed.

AGvisorPRO Marketplace

The beta version of our AGvisorPRO Marketplace is in the app as of last week.  If you don’t see it on the Dashboard, you may need to update the app in the app store.  Have a look today to see some of the unique offerings from our network. 

Maybe you have a need for a service, or maybe you would like to list your own. Either way, check out the beta and give us feedback. We are excited to see this concept grow in the coming months!

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Meet the Team:

Mitchell Ludwig

As the Senior App Developer, Mitchell leads the development team to bring you a new version of the AGvisorPRO app every week.  To summarise his role, Mitchell spends most of his time making our other developers better developers.

Mitchell has many hobbies outside of work; at one point he was an amateur journalist covering various rallies in Calgary.  Mitchell’s favourite thing about AGvisorPRO is that one day we had a big meeting about what health benefits we wanted, and we all agreed that mental health was a top priority.

Mitchell’s favorite quote comes from his dad:

Don’t do what you love. That implies that you only love one thing. Look at all the things you love, and do one of the ones that makes you money.

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Mitchell Ludwig

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