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Week of September 9th, 2022

Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO. Our weekly roundup of featured questions, experts, content, updates, announcements, and more.

Services for your farm:

Scott Gillespie’s Alberta Agriculture OFCAF Plan and Support service.

Please note this service is only available to Alberta residents. If you’re a farmer in another province/state, check what other services are currently available on the AGvisorPRO marketplace. We’re adding new services all the time, so check back often. 

How Scott is helping Alberta farmers 

So what is OFCAF? The Agricultural Climate Solutions On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF) is a Canadian Government initiative to help farmers tackle climate change. The program will provide financial support to producers to accelerate their adoption and implementation of on-farm Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) to lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, support production efficiency, sustainability and resiliency on their farm operations. Before a farmer submits an application to the OFCAF program, they need to ensure that their desired BMPs are recommended and approved by a Professional Agrologist (PAg) or Certified Crop Advisor (CCA). 

Scott’s service will help farmers secure funding for the three core activity categories of the OFCAF program, those are cover crops, nitrogen management/products, and grazing. Scott has both designations required to apply, PAg, and CCA. Scott says to expect assistance with filling out the necessary paperwork and guidance for a successful application. Once approved, Scott will support the implementation of the new practices.

Scott prides himself on critically thinking through regenerative agriculture and claims to find proven and profitable practices for the Canadian Prairies. Check out this service and others.

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Provided by

Scott Gillespie


Canada-Virtual $500/Application

Get funding for cover crops, nitrogen management/products, and grazing. This fee is covered in the funding as well. You need a P.Ag or CCA on the application, and I have both designations. 

Top Question of the Week

This week’s top question calls back to last week’s Agronomist Happy Hour episode about burndown practices. Here’s what the farmer asked:

“Have had pretty good luck with Mesotrione with MSO for burndown. But with our high ph soil, we have to be a little careful, and the higher rates of meso are a little bit scary. So what if any herbicides play nice with the mesotrione? Burndown would be for corn and milo.”

Check out the expert’s responses on AGvisorPRO. On a mobile device, click this link to view the question feed in the AGvisorPRO app.

For an in-depth look at the question above:

The $H!T you need to know

For an in-depth look at the question above, be sure to listen to this week’s Agronomist’s Happy Hour episode. You can check it out on the Apple podcast app or Spotify.

Featured Expert Profile

Tao Wang

With more than 20 years of work experience in the Agriculture industry, Tao Wang has extensive agronomic knowledge. Tao’s breadth of expertise includes crop protection research, agronomy, technical support, and sales in North America and APAC. Tao has an unending curiosity about new technology and loves to take on increasingly challenging projects, which might explain all the designations that follow his name; Ph.D., PAg, and CCA. He enjoys applying that knowledge to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Tao’s knowledge strengths are herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, and seed treatment products from the major AgChem companies. To learn more about Tao on the AGvisorPRO app, tap here on your mobile device.

Featured Platform Partner


As a producer cooperative, AgSights plays a crucial role in bridging intelligence in the livestock industries to help you make better business decisions and increase your bottom line profit. AgSights understands that connecting the needs of farmers, producers, and consumers is key to growing the farming and livestock industries while promoting the integrity of traceability and information sharing.

AgSights offers you the support, technology, and methods of enhancing your management, tracking, identification, and information storage needs. From there, they can help you market your product and tell the story of your animals.

It all starts with animal identification. AgSights web-based systems allow information to be easily captured and securely stored. Next, they provide valuable analysis, evaluations, and comparisons catered to your unique needs and preferences. Finally, their simple data sharing methods allow for a seamless flow of information across seed stock, cow-calf, feedlot, packing sectors, and finally, to your consumers. 

To chat with AgSights team member Betty-Jo Almond about what AgSights can do for your operation, tap here on your mobile device.

What's Coming Next?

Expected to be released next week is our “View All Experts” feature that will help users find the most relevant experts quickly, right from the home page. We will also be releasing a new look for the expert profiles, showcasing what experts have responded to in the app before, and helping new users understand what the experts can provide.  

As mentioned for the previous two weeks, “Expert services” is in beta testing and currently available on our website here. Check out the new services that are being added, add your own, or hit this link to purchase your first service!