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Week of August 19th, 2022

Welcome to this week in AGvisorPRO. Our weekly roundup of featured questions, experts, content, updates, announcements, and more.

Top Question of the Week:

This week’s top question comes from a farmer out of Vermillion AB. Here’s what the farmer asked:

Does anyone have experience using the generic version of roundup? I have been using vp480, but can’t get it at the moment. Will it be as good or will we be sorry? Thanks in advance.

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Featured Platform Partner:

This week we’re proud to feature a company that has championed AGvisorPRO in many ways. Point Forward Solutions has been with us from our early days, and they even sponsored AGvisorPRO’s first in-person meeting! Some of you may not know it, but the AGvisorPRO team is spread across three continents and five time zones; we work remotely and met in person for the first time for a week at the beginning of July. We express our deepest gratitude to Point Forward Solutions for making that meeting a reality.

So how will Point Forward Solutions help you? Are you a grower needing more insight on leveraging technology in your operation? Point Forward Solutions will not only help you with all your sampling and mapping needs, but they’ll also review your use of all these kinds of technology and make sure you’re getting the most out of the equipment you’ve paid top-dollar for. When it comes to topics like soil-data layers, variable rate fertility, or the hardware and tech required to implement these techniques on your farm or for your farm customers, there’s no better source of information than Point Forward Solutions. Point Forward Solutions believes in implementing technology to allow you to farm efficiently, economically, and sustainably to grow your acre-by-acre profit.

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Featured Expert Profile:

Graham Gilchrist is a Professional Agrologist with over 30 years of experience serving the needs of rural Alberta and British Columbia.

Principal of Gilchrist Consulting, he does a few things well. He advises farms and rural businesses on management and governance. He also assists with the farm side of oil and gas development and land access. As a licensed investigator, he assists farms and legal advisors in building cases. He also advises rural organizations that need a little help with governance.

Graham serves as the CEO of the non-profit society Biological Carbon Canada specializing in greenhouse gas markets for Canadian farms.

Graham is also proud to serve as an independent director for the Alberta Federation of Agriculture.

Graham spent 25 years with the Alberta civil service and rose to serve Albertans as the Province’s Assistant Farmers’ Advocate and Assistant Property Rights Advocate. Graham also spent 5 years as an administrative judge with the Municipal Government Board.

Graham holds a license to practice agrology in Alberta and British Columbia and is a registered investigator for Alberta. 

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Agronomists Happy Hour Podcast:

AGvisorPRO is a proud partner of the Podcast Agronomists Happy Hour. In this week’s featured episode, Jason and Kyle discuss the question: 

Will high soil test phosphate antagonize other nutrients in the soil? How do you know if that will happen, and how do you overcome it? 

Check out this episode on Spotify or the Apple Podcast App.

What's Coming Next?

The notifications centre is LIVE! So go ahead and update your AGvisorPRO app today to stay on beat! 

This week our developers are working on some updates to help you find relevant experts faster. You will soon be able to explore our entire expert base by filtering them by category of expertise and location. 

We are also working on the “next big thing” on the AGvisorPRO horizon. “Expert services” will help you better understand what our experts can do for you. Both physical and virtual services will be in scope for this project. Right now we are working with our experts to define their service offerings.. Stay tuned to find out more about what our expert network can deliver for your operation!

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