A Spring in your Step: A Top Krop Tech Direct Guide

Water and sunshine make your plants grow, that’s nothing new. But what is it those plants grow out of? That’s right, the soil. However, your soil can take a beating over time and needs to be treated right, not unlike yourself. To that end, Top Krop arms Canadian farmers with solutions to give their soil the royal treatment because after all, if you can’t get it right on the ground, your fourth leaf will be a white flag of defeat. Top Krop fights your battle for you with humics, biologicals, micronutrients and foliar feeding applications.

Kugler changes the game

With targeted nitrogen applications at a foliar level, the Kugler line helps to increase chlorophyll on the leaf to substantially boost photosynthesis. Even though it’s for a fraction longer than traditional applications, it makes all the difference in the world. Top Krop’s extended release nitrogen is a low salt polymer with zero water content, meaning the breakdown is slower from UV rays and guarantees that leaves will never burn. The 28-0-0 formulation is ideal for corn and many other modified formulas cover off cereals and pulses as well.

ELEVEN times the power

If one micronutrient is good and two are great, then what’s 11? Pretty tough to beat, that’s what! With ELEVEN Superstart, farmers choose the only available 11-in-one low salt starter granule. Nutrients include N-P-K, boron, copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium, zinc, sulfur and iron. Safe to put right in the furrow beside your seeds in the spring, ELEVEN Superstart has zero nutrient segregation. The seed is at a buffet and everything is at arm’s reach. Bon appetit! 

Black Earth Humics

It’s not a secret that soil gets stripped and takes a bit of a beating every year at harvest. So, what do you do to replenish it and make it better than before? How about adding carbon back into it via humates. These humates hold seven times their weight in moisture, an incredibly valuable proposition in dry years. Apply your humics on bad, poor-producing land and watch them turn around into something valuable for you within one season. These products will also rapidly neutralize any pH in your soil whether it’s too basic or too acidic.

With varying mixtures of humic and fulvic acid, the Black Earth line has something for everyone, whether it’s livestock grazing, turf or production agriculture.

Biological Warfare

Perhaps it goes without saying that all agriculture is biological in nature, but biologicals, the act of adding bacteria directly onto your plants is a relatively new school of thought. Preferred for years by those in the greenhouse and hydroponic sectors, it has now gained traction in conventional rank. It is also one of the only products that can be safely applied to organics and still receive a certified organic credential.

One of five different bacteria grow individually before being blended together for a truly live application to be one of the most affordable and effective plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB). Sprayed directly on soil, the bacteria achieve all kinds of unseen good for producers such as enhancing nitrogen fixation, solubilizing phosphates and the converting of ammonia to nitrate.

Sounds creepy and crawly, and it is. However, your soil, and organic matter, will thank you later. 

The Tech Direct Solution

Top Krop is an AGvisorPRO Tech Direct partner. This means that any farmer with the AGvisorPRO app can connect to Top Krop in a face-to-face session for free. While there’s certainly no shortage of ways for farmers to digitally connect with the information they need, AGvisorPRO is unique. We connect farmers, industry, and independent expertise into one user-friendly app. This means farmers can find the advice they need easily, connect to the right people quickly, and get from question to answer faster.

To connect with Top Krop or any of our Tech Direct partners, consider downloading the AGvisorPRO app. If you want to see what AGvisorPRO can do for you, one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to give you a walk-through. You can also download our app at AGvisorPRO.com or wherever you get your apps. With Top Krop and AGvisorPRO in your corner, when it comes to treating your soil right, your needs will be taken care of.