Anuvia Plant Nutrients is the Answer for Crop Success

For farmers who seek healthier plants, soil and, ultimately, return on investment, there is good news: your search is over. Anuvia Plant Nutrients is the solution Canadian farmers need. With a greater emphasis on big yields in today’s agricultural marketplace, everyone wants to get an edge on their competition. With Anuvia, you will be top of the leaderboard with the company’s enhanced efficiency fertilizer.

Sustainable Fertilizer

Today, soil health, low-carbon footprints and prudent stewardship of the land is talked about regularly and on a global basis, however Anuvia understood this important concept long ago. This is why it creates all of its fertilizer with recycled organic material such as food, municipal and livestock waste. Anuvia breaks down the organic materials to its most basic level of amino acids and peptides in a proprietary high-temperature, low pH process, before making it into a dry granule product that delivers slow release nutrition and feeds the soil with organic matter. 

Many companies talk about sustainability, but few follow through. Look no further than the company’s top-selling blends of SymTRX 20S with a 17-1-0-20S analysis and SymTRX 10S with a 14-24-0-10S analysis.

Build It and They Will Come

What began in 2015 with a pilot facility in Zellwood, Florida, has now blossomed into a full-scale commercial facility in Plant City, Florida, where the company is moving towards one million metric tonnes of its fertilizer each year. Perfectly situated on rail lines, the company’s fertilizer distribution moves across more than 25 states in the US and from Alberta to Ontario within Canada (marketed as SymTRX).

The Future of Fertilizer

Farmers are always trying to hold a delicate balance of yield and soil health. It’s a tension many seek, but few master. Well, that all changes with SymTRX. It naturally feeds both the plant and the soil through its unique formulation and slow-release mode of action. This leaves the soil naturally healthier, reduces volatilization and leaching, and sets growers up for more success.

With fertilizer often being the biggest input cost on a farm, you want smart fertilizer, and Anuvia is head of the class. 

The Grass is Always Greener… with Anuvia

As the world shifts to a lower carbon economy, everyone from farmers to manufacturers are looking to treat the land as best it can with the best options available. Anuvia’s products are shown to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25 per cent on the acre compared to conventional synthetic fertilizer products and return organic matter to the soil.

The Tech Direct Solution

Anuvia is an AGvisorPRO Tech Direct partner. This means that any farmer with the AGvisorPRO app can connect to Anuvia in a face-to-face session for free. While there’s certainly no shortage of ways for farmers to digitally connect with the information they need, AGvisorPRO is unique. We connect farmers, industry, and independent expertise into one user-friendly app. This means farmers can find the advice they need easily, connect to the right people quickly, and get from question to answer faster.  

To connect with Anuvia or any of our Tech Direct partners, consider downloading the AGvisorPRO App. If you want to see what AGvisorPRO can do for you, one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to give you a walk-through. You can also download our app at or wherever you get your apps. With Anuvia and AGvisorPRO in your corner, when it comes to enhanced fertilizer solutions, your needs will be taken care of.