Crop Spraying Best Practices - Webinar Series

In the latest edition of AGvisorPRO’s #Plant21 webinar series, we met with crop spraying experts to hear their tips and best practices for managing application of herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Knowing how time-sensitive spraying can be during the season, we hear from Ketan Kaushish, Tom Wolf, Cody Meroniuk, and Jason Hanson to explore spraying best practices and cover topics including:

  • How to proactively plan spraying for spring application and how to operationalize spraying across increasingly larger-sized farms.
  • Understanding how to recognize and leverage the predictive signals to manage your spraying based on your crop, weather data, risk conditions, and economic considerations.
  • How to determine spraying rates for uneven or thin stands and how to adapt your selection of the right product for managing uneven weather conditions.
  • How to optimize the amount of time you spend in the sprayer – increasing your speed-by-acre this season while reducing engine-hours – with the right equipment such as selecting the right spray inductors, recirculating sprayer booms, and continuous rinse systems.
  • How integration with precision ag and variable rate technologies are empowering farmers to make better spray application decisions.
Watch our latest webinar on Crop Spraying Best Practices to learn how to maximize your growing season, save time, and how to be proactive in your 2021 planning.

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Ketan Kaushish, Ukko Agro

As the co-founder and CEO, Ketan’s company Ukko Agro helps commercial farmers reduce uncertainty with real-time decisions linked to the application of pesticides, water, and nutrients. The result is higher on-farm profitability through a combination of in-field IoT sensors, advanced agriculture research, and data science-based predictive analytics. Through this, we aim to solve one of the toughest challenges – helping farmers grow more in a sustainable way.

Tom Wolf, Agrimetrix

With a master’s degree in agronomy, and known industry-wide as a spraying expert, Tom is well versed in intensive cereal management, including factors like background fertilizer, seeding rates, growth regulators, and more. A research program early in his career led him into the niche of spray management, which was fascinating to Tom. Some additional education led Tom to specialize in this area, and since 1989 he’s been backing farmers up when the snow melts, and the sprayer comes out of the shed.

Cody Meroniuk, Pattison Liquid Systems

Having been in the custom spraying business for the last 15 years and after finishing his Journeyman electrical ticket, Cody has helped design the new Inductor Flex with the team at Pattison Liquid. With the new world of agriculture, everything today is bigger, better, and faster, and helping farmers shave minutes off anywhere possible is something Cody strives to provide for growers.

Jason Hanson, Rock N Roll Agronomy

Jason Hanson has spent all his career in either ag retail, technical agronomy roles, or as a crop consultant. Currently, he works with farmers on their in-season crop recommendations as well as advising ag retailers on agronomic expertise and experience on a contract basis. Spraying questions and sprayer-related products make up the vast majority of the inquiries Jason fields. Matching up equipment capabilities with chemistry and situations along with management styles of operators makes the challenge fun.

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