Finding the Potential in Each Plant: An ATP Nutrition Tech Direct Guide

From the outside looking in, farming may appear to be a simple proposition. However, if you look more closely, things start to get very complicated very quickly. When it comes to the macro/micronutrient environment of plants, farmers are leaving a lot on the table. Today, only 20% of Canadian acres are soil tested, usually only for macronutrient levels. Only 5% of Canadian acres are ever treated with micronutrients. From ATP Nutrition’s perspective, this means their real competition isn’t other crop input companies, it’s the untreated acre. They see untapped genetic potential in these large swaths of under-treated crops, and ATP Nutrition aims to help farmers close that genetic potential gap in their operation, and increase yields. And their team is on the AGvisorPRO platform to help you do just that.

ATP Has Three Core Offerings

With this goal in mind, ATP offers farmers a variety of different strategies and products.

lant nutrition is an important part of ATP Nutrition’s offering. Helping farmers determine what nutrients they need to consider, and developing crop plans to get that nutrition to the plants is the base of their business. On top of that, ATP Nutrition is a leader in the relatively new area of biostimulants. Their extensive testing and proving process means ATP Nutrition is confident in supplying these new products to farmers and helping them maximize their plant’s potential in the process. Underneath all of the exciting products offered by ATP Nutrition is a deep focus on soil and plant analytics. The fact is that simply applying a product is no guarantee of increased yield. All of these decisions around crop nutrition must consider the soil health / plant health balance. A proper crop nutrition strategy lies somewhere between these two considerations, and ATP Nutrition can help any farmer determine what the right move is on their operation.

“When micronutrients are on less than 5% of the acres out there, your real competitor is the untreated acres.” 

ATP Nutrition’s Mission

When you boil all of these considerations down, it all comes back to the genetic potential in each plant, and what a farmer is doing to maximize that potential. According to ATP Nutrition, 60% of a crop’s yield potential is based on proactive balanced plant nutrition, and once that seed is in the ground, factors out of our control start to chip away at that potential. Disease pressures, environmental pressures, weed pressures, etc.; these challenges to yield potential can in many cases be overcome and beaten back by having a well-planned nutrient strategy. At the end of the day, the yield outcome of a crop will hinge on these strategies being implemented properly.

“Anytime you’re going over the field with any type of pesticide, we believe you’re missing an opportunity if you’re not including some nutrition in the tank with that.”

ATP Nutrition Has Your Crop Covered

ATP Nutrition has a wide array of plant nutrition products in its portfolio. Chemtrition is their popular three-stage nutrient system designed to help farmers deliver the right essential nutrients at the key stages in a plant’s life cycle. PreCede is a product that takes care of the nutrient imbalances inherent in seeds. Applying PreCede in conjunction with a seed protectant is a simple and effective way to provide the seed with the nutrients it needs without adding another pass. Once a plant is in the vegetative stage, it’s time to consider a product like ReLeaf, which is ideally applied to a young crop to drive rooting and ensure a farmer avoids seedling stall. ReLeaf can be applied alongside a farmer’s typical herbicide application, which again means adding nutrients without adding passes. Moving through the season brings farmers to the crucial phase of flowering and pollination, where the plant’s final yield is still up for grabs. 42PHI (pronounced Fortify) can be applied with a fungicide to give plants a nutritional boost just before their yields are effectively “locked-in” for the season. This is often the last chance a farmer has to give their plants a nutrient boost. ATP Nutrition is so confident in their Chemtrition system, that they guarantee the yield increase will offset the cost of application.

Beyond Chemtrition, ATP Nutrition has other products that farmers are curious about too. In Western Canada, boron deficiencies are top of mind. ATP Nutrition has several boron products in its portfolio, with Kinetic Boron being among its most popular foliar products. That said, ATP Nutrition has products for every macro / micronutrient need that a farmer may encounter, for all stages of the growing season, and they are eager to help farmers get the most out of their crop.

Here are just a few of the additional offerings from ATP:

ATP Academy

In the effort to expand grower’s knowledge on plant and soil health, ATP launched the ATP Academy. This platform enables growers to access free agronomically focused courses taught by leading academics and industry experts around the world.  Growers learn how to employ essential nutrients, biostimulants and the latest analytical tools to deliver the crop’s potential with the ATP Academy.


The NutriScan is a game changing diagnostic technology that will revolutionize the timeliness of soil data. Market research shows the main reasons for lack of soil testing in Canada are: ease of conducting a soil test, lack of time, and the difficulty of turning data into actions. The NutriScan can help overcome all these barriers. This in-field diagnostic tool is easy to use and provides real-time results for macronutrients, intermediate nutrients, micronutrients and general soil properties, along with fertility recommendations; all in 10 minutes. By providing a simple tool that is easy for growers to use, ATP anticipates the percent of fields tested will increase significantly, thereby providing more soil data to growers resulting in better agronomic decision making on farm.

Synergro M2
is the first cell-free microbial metabolite product produced from a microbial consortium available in Western Canada.  Synergro M2 is designed for broad acre crops to help restore the balance back into the soil that has been lost due to common agriculture practices like tillage, ag-chem application and monoculture practices, as well as abiotic and biotic stress. The diverse array of metabolites helps to improve nutrient use efficiency while reducing the impact of abiotic stress, allowing growers to maximize the genetic potential of their crop.


In today’s growing world, finding sustainable ways to deliver on the global appetite is becoming more challenging every day. SymTRX is the first bio-based granular fertilizer available in Canada. This sustainable solution offers bigger yields, improved soil health, and the confidence of using a product that is better for people and the planet. The SymTRX patented Organic MaTRX system uses recycled organic materials and a natural binding mechanism to create 2 different multi-nutrient, homogeneous, slow-release products that answer the global demand for more efficient plant nutrition (SymTRX 10S and 20S). The result is healthier, more profitable crops; less nutrient loss via leaching and volatilization; and immediate and long-term benefits to feed crops today and improve soil health tomorrow. ATP is proud to partner with Anuvia Plant Nutrients to bring this latest innovation in enhanced efficiency fertilizer to Canadian Markets.

ATP Nutrition Gets a Boost from AGvisorPRO

Ultimately, ATP Nutrition benefits from bringing this knowledge to farmers. From their perspective, the “win” isn’t getting a farmer to apply one of their products. The “win” is getting a farmer a good result from applying the right product for their situation. ATP Nutrition is interested in reaching those innovative farmers who are curious to try new things, and eager to maximize their potential as food producers. AGvisorPRO’s Tech Direct program offers ATP Nutrition a direct route to communicating with these kinds of farmers, as well as the consultants and retailers that support them. When the majority of acres aren’t touched with a nutrient strategy, ATP Nutrition leads with education and knowledge and believes their products sell themselves when farmers see the genetic potential they’re leaving on the table.

The Tech Direct Solution

AGvisorPRO is thrilled to have ATP Nutrition on board as a Tech Direct Partner. Farmers using the AGvisorPRO app can now reach out to ATP Nutrition and engage in face-to-face interactions with their knowledgeable representatives. ATP Nutrition has taken 2020’s challenges in stride, stating that this is the year of adaptation. The entire Ag sector is reformatting itself, and companies with an eye on the future like ATP Nutrition are keen to leverage the power of AGvisorPRO to reach further in agriculture. We’re thrilled for what’s to come.

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