Gold Star Results: A BioLiNE Tech Direct Guide

For farmers, a crop that fails to fully absorb nutrients is like a bright child who never cracks a textbook: Long on potential, short on results. Fortunately, when it comes to making the most of those nutrients, BioLiNE®, a leading formulator of plant and soil health products, gets a gold star. As a prime example, BioLiNE® GOLD contains fulvic acids, which is a biostimulant that helps improve assimilation of nutrients and active ingredients. In doing so, it supports the two things that farmers value most: crop yield and crop quality.

Special Delivery

Imagine a grandiose party with you and 50 of your closest friends. A skilled team of caterers create the perfect meal, but there are only two people to serve your guests. Needless to say, things may get ugly, and the same holds true for your crops when the vital nutrients do not arrive in time. Fortunately, BioLiNE GOLD caters to your plants’ growth needs by supplementing your crops with the fulvic acids they need. Fulvic acids are the smallest, most active, and mobile fractions of the humic substances that make up soil organic matter (SOM). Unfortunately, fulvic acids are also the easiest SOM fractions that vanish from cultivated soils due to modern agricultural practices.

The GOLD Standard

The fact is, BioLiNE GOLD helps your crop make optimal use of nutrients at every stage. In seed treatment, it offers a helping hand with early establishment and gets your plants off on the right foot. If you then use it in-season as well, you enhance nutrient utilization and uptake. This is especially important during those stages in your crops physiological development where the crop demand for a balanced nutrition is critical to development, quality and yield.

Finish with a Flourish

Finally, BioLiNE GOLD plays a critical role at the late season foliar stage, when many plants will flower and abort, leading to lower yields. Because this product improves a plant’s ability to use nutrients, applying it at the time of reproduction reduces flower and pod abortion while increasing the number and size of grain seeds. For example, wheat farmers use BioLiNE GOLD regularly and see higher protein content in their crops and higher yields.

Beyond the GOLD Rush

While farmers clamour to try BioLiNE GOLD, the company has much more to offer in its role as a technology innovator providing the industry with science-based solutions. Ray Mc Donald, BioLiNE’s founder has been in the agricultural business for more than 50 years. His team at BioLiNE® has developed a pipeline of additional biostimulant products that are easy-to-use for large acreage growers, helping them improve the sustainability of food production, and regenerate their soils. BioLiNE® is also working with leading biostimulant innovators to develop additional products that enhance crop performance. An important part of its business is helping formulators, technology innovators, and brand-owners harness the power of BioLiNE® in their products.

Improving ROI … ASAP

Ultimately, BioLiNE and your bottom line go hand in hand. The focus with all of its products is to improve your unit cost of production through better yields and maximize your return on investment for input expense. Unlike the gifted but unmotivated child at school, BioLiNE® makes the most of your crop’s potential, and that puts it squarely in a class by itself.

The Tech Direct Solution

BioLiNE is an AGvisorPRO Tech Direct partner. This means that any farmer with the AGvisorPRO app can connect to BioLiNE® in a face-to-face session for free. While there’s certainly no shortage of ways for farmers to digitally connect with the information they need, AGvisorPRO is unique. It connects farmers, industry, and independent expertise into one user-friendly app. This means farmers can find the advice they need easily, connect to the right people quickly, and get from question to answer faster.

To connect with BioLiNE or any of our Tech Direct partners, consider downloading the AGvisorPRO app. If you want to see what AGvisorPRO can do for you, one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to give you a walk-through. You can also download our app at or wherever you get your apps. With BioLiNE and AGvisorPRO in your corner, when it comes to the right products for your plants and soil, you will get the answers you need.