An Intelligent Approach to Precision Agriculture

Intelligent Precision: An IntelliCulture Tech Direct Guide

These days, a farmer’s data grows just about as quickly as their crops. Harnessing that data and using it to refine the farming process is what’s given rise to precision agriculture. That said, the ag industry at large is still transitioning into this new era, and access to the technology required for precision farming still isn’t available to every farmer, which is a problem worth solving. When a farmer finds themselves at the intersection between precision agriculture and remote equipment monitoring, IntelliCulture is there as a proven source of tools and expertise: helping farmers be as precise and profitable as possible.

AGvisorPRO is thrilled to add IntelliCulture to our roster of Tech Direct Partners. Farmers can connect to IntelliCulture’s knowledgeable staff right now for free, and get the answers and insights they need to add remote equipment monitoring and management to their operation. 

At IntelliCulture's Core

Being precise shouldn’t be complicated, but concerns about added complexity keep many farmers away from precision agriculture. How should a farmer collect data, how should it be organized, and how can it be turned around and fed back into the operation for increased precision? IntelliCulture’s system answers all of these concerns. To start, integrating IntelliCulture’s loggers into a fleet of equipment is ae seamless process. It’s as simple as plugging it in and starting the machine. Speaking of machines, it doesn’t matter if it’s a new or old piece of equipment and it doesn’t matter who makes it. IntelliCulture’s system is universally compatible and simple to install. The data from a fleet of IntelliCulture’s loggers is sent into their portal for easy access from any web browser. On top of that, their intelligent system will automatically send a farmer reports and insights about their fleet of equipment. It doesn’t get more simple than that. And at the end of the day this means a farmer can rest easy knowing they’ve got IntelliCulture monitoring their operation.


Through their ShopView system, an IntelliCulture user can keep track of the physical location of any piece of equipment on a live map through the ShopView Portal. Fleet maintenance is automatically tracked, and the loggers also collect diagnostic data for instant notification of any equipment break-downs. All of this data is instantly available from any mobile or desktop device. The system automatically processes this incoming data and sends the user a weekly summary of activity. Deep data, made simple.


Another layer of insight is available to IntelliCulture’s users through their CropView system. Using the same loggers as the ShopView System, CropView automates cycle planning, schedules records crop input activities, and notifies the user of overdue operations. All of this adds up to a reduced level of uncertainty and an increased sense of clarity about what operations are happening when. IntelliCulture’s CropView system is another layer of assurance available to a farmer when operations get busy and oversights get costly.


Managing sprayer use and coverage is essential to guaranteeing the efficacy of any chemical application. In orchard-based operations, the ability to review a spraying event from the perspective of the cab is a hugely helpful feature that IntelliCulture offers its users through the CabView app. CabView uses the data gleaned from a logger installed on a sprayer to ensure accurate spray coverage and give real-time feedback on any improper applications. Missed rows or double-spraying is a thing of the past with CabView.

AGvisorPRO and IntelliCulture

At the end of the day, IntelliCulture’s system boils down to a combination of a simple piece of hardware and well-designed cloud-based software that work together seamlessly for the benefit of farmers. IntelliCulture has spent years improving precision in horticulture and fixed-tree farming operations, but their technology still works great in broad-acre cropping systems. Anywhere that fleets of machines need to be managed and maintained is a place where IntelliCulture would be happy to assist.

Getting in touch with IntelliCulture is as simple as downloading the AGvisorPRO app. Any of our dozens of Tech Direct Partners like IntelliCulture are free to connect with, and excited to speak with you. Download AGvisorPRO today on all mobile devices, and start getting the right advice from the right experts at the right time.