Where Matters More Than What

Ground-Truthing Modern Ag: A New Era Tech Direct Guide

Geography plays a critical role in agriculture. A farm’s location informs nearly every aspect of how it operates. Expertise and advice tempered with an understanding of local conditions is essential. That’s why an area’s local retailer tends to be a hub for the industry in that area. A trusted local source for the latest inputs and seed technology is beneficial.  But how does a farmer know what they’re putting in the ground will perform in their area as advertised? One word: trials. They are an essential component of ground-truthing seed and inputs, especially in remote and unique geographies.

New Era for Efficacy Trials

New Era Ag Technologies is an independent seed and chemical retailer based in Swan River, Manitoba. This is an area of Canada that is geographically isolated and comes with its own particular set of environmental challenges. New Era Ag Technologies has leveraged these unique local conditions to create a research division called New Era Ag Research. This research farm fulfills research and trial contracts with seed breeders and input providers. It also shows their farm retail customers how products perform in their area.

AGvisorPRO loves this approach. We know that one of the most important inputs on a farm is trustworthy advice and good data. We’ve added New Era Ag Research to our fast growing roster of Tech Direct Partners, giving our customers free and direct access to New Era’s Ag Research wisdom. If you’re wondering how a product or crop will perform in Northern Manitoba’s growing conditions, New Era Ag Research is your best bet.

The Research Expertise You Need

New Era Ag Research provides contract research services for product and variety evaluation at a large field scale, or small plot scale. They tailor protocols to their customer’s needs.  With support from local producers, New Era Ag Research is able to expand their evaluations into various soil conditions in the Swan River Valley. These field trials and test plots are all carefully placed to reduce environmental variability and give customers the best data possible.

Input Trials

New Era Ag Research has experience conducting a wide variety of confidential efficacy trials. This includes granular, pre-emergent, and in-crop herbicides as well as seed treatments for insect and fungus resistance, growth regulation and micro-nutrients. They’ve done work with foliar fungicide and foliar / granular fertilizers and micro-nutrients, as well as adjuvants, growth regulators, and inoculants. If you’re providing inputs to growers in the Swan River Valley, working with New Era Ag Research is going to increase farmer’s trust in your product and decrease doubt in your product efficacy claims.

Crop Variety Trials

On the variety evaluation side, New Era Ag Research has experience trialing an impressive array of crops. They’ve worked hard to outfit their operation with the equipment and expertise needed to evaluate typical cereals such as spring wheat, barley, oats and rye. They’ve worked with annual forages, canola, flax, mustard, soybeans, peas, faba beans, quinoa, buckwheat, and canary seed. New Era’s location means it’s uniquely situated to trial short-season varieties. In recent years that’s meant working with soy breeders to test short-season soy varieties, which has become a large part of their work.

Grow Room Trials

Another service that New Era Ag Research offers to their customers is the ability to perform trials with precise environmental control parameters in a 385 square foot growth room. Outfitted with automated control and four lighting zones, this grow room is capable of meeting the needs of any crop and trial configuration. If the crop variety you seek to evaluate is regulated, New Era Ag Research is fully licensed by Health Canada to work with it. 

Access a New Era through AGvisorPRO

AGvisorPRO knows our channel is only as strong as the expertise and knowledge contained within it. New Era Ag Research adds another valuable service and skill set to our network, and we couldn’t be happier to give the ag industry the ability to connect with them. New Era Ag Research has team members on AGvisorPRO ready for a face-to-face conversation about how they can help you achieve your crop and input trial needs. 

To connect with New Era Ag Research or any of our Tech Direct partners, download the AGvisorPRO app. If you want to experience how AGvisorPRO can change the way you get advice, one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to give you a walk-through. AGvisorPRO’s channel is waiting for you at AGvisorPRO.com or wherever you get your apps.