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Make Monitoring Easy: A North Star Systems Tech Direct Guide

Running a farming operation means keeping track of a lot of moving parts. The scale of modern farming is increasing, along with the sophistication and expense of equipment and technology. It’s no surprise that operators of modern farms eventually reach a ceiling of complexity, where it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything that’s happening in a traditional way.

We’re pleased to welcome North Star Systems to the AGvisorPRO platform as a Tech Direct Partner. They are in the business of helping farmers, ag retail, and fuel distributors manage their assets and logistics more efficiently with the help of technology. And at AGvisorPRO we are in the business of getting farmers the answers they need, now. If you need answers about Tattle Systems, North Star Systems has those answers for you, right now.

A Tattle for Every Application

The first thing to note: if it’s been a few years (or decades) since you last looked into Tattle Systems technology, it’s time to look again. Technology has advanced significantly and North Star Systems is leading that charge with their powerhouse Tattle Systems.

North Star Systems develops hardware and cloud-based collaboration software for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which in the simplest sense is sensors embedded in the tools we use every day via the internet. Tattle Systems works as a complete and closed system, connecting sensor to device and device to user through any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer from anywhere, anytime. This combination of strong hardware and strong software means a real-time, remote monitoring and data solution.

Applications include anhydrous ammonia, from moving pressure vessels to tender delivery units to storage tanks. On the fuel side, North Star Systems has Fuel Tattle, Fuel Tattle Gauge technology for gasoline and diesel applications. North Star Systems has also created solutions for compressed gas storage including propane, and their Liquid Tattle solution can be used in various liquid monitoring applications, such as water, waste water, lubricants, chemicals, and liquid fertilizer. On top of that, North Star Systems also provides farmers an application for monitoring temperature. For assets on the move, North Star Systems has a GPS Tattle system to help an operator manage their fleets. Innovation is constant at North Star Systems and they are always looking for ways to add more value to their clients’ businesses by finding new solutions and applications.

Canadian-Built Hardware

So, what does this all look like on the ground? North Star’s Tattle Systems Hardware encompasses various sensors and accessories that connect to the Tattle device.  North Star’s Tattle device is solar-powered and transmits information gathered from attached sensors through a remote connectivity network straight into the cloud. Simply get the sensors and accessories needed for a given application, attach those sensors to the solar-powered Tattle, and that’s it!

Even better? Canadian farmers can rest easy knowing that this product is made in Canada, and is built to deal with the challenging conditions farmers face here every season. The entire system has been designed with the agriculture industry in mind, from the fact that it’s self-powered and rated for all weather applications, to the fact that it’s built tough, designed to install easily, uses a multitude of connectivity channels such as cellular, and is certified to operate in the hazardous environments associated with agriculture.

Bringing it All Together with Software

Of course hardware is only one half of the equation. Without software to manage the incoming information from the hardware, complexity isn’t really reduced for a farmer. That’s why North Star Systems has paired their hardware expertise with a robust software solution to bring this information together for the end user. North Star’s Tattle Systems Software includes their desktop online portal, their Tattle Systems GO mobile app, and cloud. The software is loaded with helpful features, including real-time map tracking, inventory levels, use trends, utilization data, and more. North Star’s software is also capable of delivering real-time weather data alongside all the other data streams, which is extremely helpful for day-to-day efficiency. All of these software features allow a user to easily describe what’s happening broadly across their operation. Managing logistics is far easier when the plan is informed by real-time information, and that is what North Star Systems is all about.

Ultimately, if you’re reading this document and work in Ag, there’s probably a North Star Systems application that could help you gain more insights about your operation. From Ag Retail dispatching, to diesel exhaust fluid applications, to custom applications and beyond, North Star Systems believes that what’s important to the ag industry at the end of the day, is helping you be more efficient in your day-to-day business operations. This allows you to spend more time on what really matters to you and your business. Erasing the need to be on location to manage logistics means more freedom and peace of mind.

Trusted Expertise on AGvisorPRO

For this reason, AGvisorPRO couldn’t be more thrilled to have North Star Systems as one of our Tech Direct Partners. Their mission to free farmers from their desk and office phone is almost identical to AGvisorPRO’s mission. Our goal is to shrink time and space and connect farmers to the people and companies with the expertise they need, regardless of physical location. Clearly great companies think alike!

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