Webinar Series - Are you ready for the #Plant21 season?

Thank you to everyone that joined us on our March 16 webinar series for the 2021 growing season.

AGvisorPRO is proud to share the latest edition of our ongoing webinars to improve your 2021 growing season. In this session, we spoke with ag experts on best practices to help you plan more strategically for this year and future years.

Hear from some of our partners and ag consultants Dean Klippenstine, Derek Squair, and Travis Wiens on how to set yourself up for success by mitigating risk. In this session we cover:

  • How to define your market targets, understand what’s realistically achievable, why it’s important to set financial stretch goals and having a financial safety net when planning for the year. 
  • The importance of creating a strong agronomic team, marketing team, and having the right financial insurance plan to help maximize your returns when mother nature and the markets collide.
  • How to better understand the indicators of what’s driving markets this year – such as rising cases of Swine Flu’s influence on soybean and canola markets – while having a solid risk management plan prepared in advance so that you know how long you can wait until there’s favourable market demand come end of the year.
  • How to leverage private and public insurance that fits your budget, like the government AgriStability program and how it differs from a complete protection Cost Insurance Policy, for “What if?” scenarios in your team’s risk management plan.
Watch our latest webinar on Are you ready for #Plant21? to learn how to mitigate risk, reduce exposure to market volatility, and strategically plan for success.

Interested in learning more from the experts? Contact this session’s speakers and Tech Direct partners using AGvisorPRO for professional ag advice on how to prepare your farm for a successful #Plant21 season.

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Dean Klippenstine, MNP

As a Partner with MNP’s Agriculture team, Dean draws on a wealth of knowledge to deliver services and solutions that help clients keep their agricultural businesses current, competitive and profitable (eg. assurance and tax services). Feel free to reach out to his colleagues like Ezio Di Emanuele for expert advice

Derek Squair, Exceed Grain Marketing

For over 30 years, Dean has been in the business of selling grain for higher prices. Him and his firm, Exceed Grain Marketing have experience in trading grain internationally. They assist clients in creating grain hedging strategies that take advantage of all available tools including strategies involving futures and options. Their team has over 300 + years of experience in marketing grain. The strong team and industry knowledge sets Exceed Grain Marketing advisors apart from the rest of the pack.

Travis Weins, Global Ag Risk Solutions

As an advisor with Global Ag Risk Solutions (GARS) since the company began, there isn’t much that Travis hasn’t seen in that time. Travis sees GARS as a backstop but also as a way for growers to be more aggressive in agronomy and marketing, knowing their worst case scenario already. He works closely with his growers to help them make the most of their risk management dollars.