FenceFast: Fantastic For Farmers

Fencing Done Right: A FenceFast Tech Direct Guide

One of the milestones often associated with working in agriculture is developing a close relationship with a “post-pounder”. There’s nothing quite like the experience of building and maintaining a good fence. It may not be the average person’s first thought when thinking about important tasks in agriculture, but fencing is a critical component of many farming operations. It can also be frustrating, back-breaking, tedious, time consuming, and most of all: expensive. An expert that can make this job easier, faster, or cheaper for farmers is an expert we want on our platform.

With that in mind, AGvisorPRO is happy to welcome FenceFast to our roster of Tech Direct Partners. With a foundation built in custom fencing, FenceFast’s team has many years of experience in this niche, and they are confident they can help any farmer find better, easier, faster ways of getting the job of fencing done. Simple as that!

FenceFast Finds Savings for Farmers

FenceFast’s business has an impressive team of experts who strive to find their customers all possible cost-saving options. There are many government subsidies and rebate programs for fencing that many farmers just don’t know about. FenceFast’s people know these programs inside and out, and nothing gives them more satisfaction than saving a farmer money.

The Facts about Fencing

Unfortunately for Canadian farmers, some of the most innovative fencing products are really hard to come by in the Great White North. FenceFast takes pride in being the Canadian source for fence and animal management solutions. They source brands and products you simply can’t find anywhere else, and that’s one of many reasons to reach out and chat with FenceFast. They are a one-stop-shop for everything related to fencing and animal management. There are many places to source general supplies for fencing, but FenceFast knows that each application requires specific items and materials that aren’t as easy to find at the local hardware store. The fact is, there is a daunting amount of products when it comes to fencing, and having the right materials for the job is critical in making the job easier, faster, and cheaper. FenceFast is passionate about giving their customers the information and education they need to fence right, and providing everything needed all at the same time.

Electrifying Fence Expertise

In 2020, FenceFast saw a huge industry-wide pivot to electric fencing. The trouble for farmers is that it’s difficult to know who and what you’re searching for on Google.  It’s frustratingly common to find a company that distributes what you need but not to Canada, or will distribute to Canada, but the shipping is prohibitively expensive. Finding what’s needed via random online searches is a shot in the dark, and that’s true for farmers as well as non-ag folks looking into electric fencing. There are many smaller applications for electric fencing: backyard chicken coops, gardens, etc. It doesn’t matter the scale or application, FenceFast has an easy, cost-effective electric-fencing option.

Beyond the Fence: Animal Management

As stated above, FenceFast’s expertise doesn’t end at the property line. FenceFast is working hard to bring awareness to the marketplace around cattle management technology. Traceability through the use of RFID tags is a mandatory part of moving cattle, and there will be changes coming to CCFA’s rules around the use of these tags. FenceFast is keeping on top of these changes, and wants farmers to understand what’s coming rather than be surprised by it. In the ever-changing landscape of Canadian agriculture, farmers can rest a little easier at night knowing FenceFast is in their corner.

FenceFast on AGvisorPRO

AGvisorPRO’s whole mission boils down to answering questions. Answering a question though, depends on the question being asked. That’s just one of the reasons we’re so happy about FenceFast coming onboard with AGvisorPRO as a Tech Direct Partner. We like partners that empower farmers to ask all the questions, and that’s where FenceFast shines. AGvisorPRO is happy to shine a light on FenceFast, and show our users that this is a company worth reaching out to.

“They’d already heard of us, they’d already done their research, they already believe in our ability to convey the information and knowledge that they needed. So, they were coming to us without having to weed through the noise. All of that was already done for us by AGvisorPRO.” – Leanne Smith VP of Accounts and Marketing – FenceFast

AGvisorPRO is creating a new channel for agriculture. Connecting the people and businesses that have questions with the people and businesses that have answers. It really is that simple. If you haven’t downloaded AGvisorPRO’s app yet, now is the time! There are plenty of great Tech Direct Partners like FenceFast for you to connect with, not to mention our ever-growing roster of independent experts. If you find an answer on AGvisorPRO, you know that answer came from someone who knows what they’re talking about, and isn’t that better than randomly searching Google?