Webinar Series - Could Your Farm be More Weatherproof?

AGvisorPRO is proud to share the latest edition of our ongoing webinars to improve your 2021 growing season. In this session, we heard from some of the ag industry’s experts in one of the most difficult challenges facing growers and what is considered to be the least predictable: weather conditions for farming.

Hear from leading ag consultants Scott Kehler, Caroline Letendre, Brittany Evans, and Richard Rodrigues on how to weatherproof your farm with expert advice including:

  • Why professional weather forecasting is a crucial planning tool for every farm and why it’s not as unpredictable as you might think
  • How weather, pest, and disease data can be used to help improve irrigation and yield potential
  • Safeguarding against unfavourable or extreme weather conditions
  • How to collect seasonal weather data to help you decide what crops or hybrids will best perform to maximize profits

Watch our latest webinar on
Could Your Farm be More Weatherproof? to learn how to maximize and protect your 2021 growing season.

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Scott Kehler, Weatherlogics 

In his current role as Chief Scientist at Weatherlogics, Scott conducts weather research and develops tools to help clients plan for all types of weather conditions. This includes new methods to improve agriculture-weather forecasts and the analysis of past weather events. Despite his research focus, Scott still enjoys forecasting day-to-day weather and is often involved with preparing forecasts for high-impact events.

Caroline Letendre, Hortau

As Hortau’s Director of Sales for Canada, Caroline has been with the company since 2009 where she is responsible for providing direct sales and developing new markets across Canada. With an understanding of the massive challenges growers currently face in trying to adapt traditional irrigation management practices to today’s ever-increasing variability in climate, she helps fruit and vegetable growers to optimize crop productivity and farm profitability by using Hortau’s state-of-the art Internet of Things (Iot) technology.

Brittany Evans, North Star Systems

At North Star Systems, Brittany helps clients to understand their business and how North Star Systems’ technology can help add value and enable growers to be more efficient. Brittany enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience using Tattle Systems to provide growers with innovative solutions to support their farm.

Richard Rodrigues, Onset

Richard leads product marketing and strategy for outdoor devices at Onset and brand building in new markets. Focused on the integration of sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) for improved customer outcomes and improved environmental impact of operations.

Thank you to all of the speakers for joining us!