Connecting you with World-Renowned Resources: An SGS Crop Science Tech Direct Guide

SGS, a respected global leader with over a century in certification, inspection and testing is ticking all the boxes to bring innovation and information in crop sciences directly to you. 

Operating throughout Canada, SGS has built a reputation in setting the standards for crop science and delivering accredited analysis from their centres of excellence located across eastern and western Canada.  

Holly Gelech, who has a lifetime of experience in the seed industry, as well as the accredited and certified labs that analyze and innovate it, breaks down the wealth of knowledge that SGS has to offer farmers and growers through AGvisorPRO

“Our centres of excellence are located in Sherwood Park, AB and Guelph, ON respectively, each with their own areas of expertise developed to aid in all things agriculture,” says Holly. “Building its reputation off pillars that provide cutting-edge diagnostics, SGS Crop Science can accommodate and answer all your needs and questions.” 

Sherwood Park, Alberta, SGS Crop Science HQ Canada

The largest of three pillar labs that combine to build a stable and strong base of information, the SGS Crop Science headquarters hosts one of the largest seed labs in Canada, with accreditations from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Canadian Seed Institute (CSI), International Seed Testing Association (ISTA), and ISO. Lab operations and client services work diligently to provide services and research that continually advance the many fields of agriculture focussing on seed quality, soil pathology, regulated testing for export, and genetic services.  

Guelph, Ontario

Geographically established around an important sector for education and agriculture, this centre of excellence has specializations in greenhouse testing and management solutions that are quickly spreading the fruits of its labour across Canada. 

Its ability to provide leading services with respect to greenhouses is not a limiting factor in what the Guelph lab can accomplish. The center of excellence also works to provide a list of other testing practices to satisfy producer needs such as soil nutrient diagnostics, soil health testing, forage analytics and feed ingredient services.

The Guelph lab goes above and beyond to maintain its internationally recognized ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation from the Standards Council of Canada for numerous animal feeds, mixed grains, plant tissue and fertilizer diagnostics. They also add further credentials for Ontario soil nutrient and pH analysis from provincial governing bodies like the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Having these checks and balances bring them a sense of pride and confidence as they offer open pathways of reliable information from their labs and experts directly to you! 

Grand Prairie, Alberta

One of SGS Crop Science’s key satellite labs located in Grande Prairie is built to accommodate both local producers, as well as seed company production and processing of grass seed and legume species. Each crop is carefully grown, with their lab supporting specialized lab diagnostics to facilitate export all over the world. 

Multiple Means of Testing, Saving You Time

Today, logistics allow samples for testing to be sent off and results received with turnaround times faster than they have ever been in the past. Which allows more immediate action to be taken towards understanding and solving today’s challenges in crop sciences.  

The strength of having multiple centres of excellence and highly organized logistics means that no matter your location, the best testing resources can be available to you. Click the links below for more info:   

Seed Services

Research Support Services

Soil, Leaf and Water Services

Grain Quality Services

Feed Testing Services

Greenhouse Analytical Services

These three lab pillars work to make SGS Crop Science a one-stop-shop for you as it continuously works to innovate and improve all processes involved in agriculture. 

Historical Advancement Throughout the Ages

SGS works to be a part of the process along the whole cycle of growing, ensuring that whatever needs arise during the process can be tested to verify the plants, soils and products are healthy throughout the stages along the way. 

A company that stands by its mission statement “Our value to society is enabling a better, safer and a more interconnected world,” SGS is collaborating with AGvisorPRO to help bring access to that sentiment so that they can meet the needs and challenges of everyone who is a part of the cycle of agriculture. Always striving to be a leader in partnering with people to expand their science-based approach to address ever-evolving questions and concerns.

Adapting to the needs of clients and customers has motivated SGS to grow its vision of offering its stamps of approval across many fields. They have expanded their access to information from a Canadian customer service text line, to the features built and provided by AGvisorPRO. Extending their branches to be recognized as a quick reliable source of information, whenever you may need it.  

The Cycle Continues…

As the seasons of agriculture continue so do the many services offered by SGS and AGvisorPRO. While the seed testing season is winding down, soil pathology will be ramping up as we see the warmer weather bringing prime conditions. Later in the cycle tissue testing will take over to ensure the overall health of the plants so that the cycle can be consistent and repeatable despite variable conditions of the environment. Then forage and feed testing come into play. And once the summer ends we’ll see the big rush back to seed testing around harvest time. 

The evolution of practice in agriculture can lead to new approaches in technology and monitoring. With precision farming and the most advanced types of testing, management and metrics, it will be crucial to organize and present data so that informed decisions can be made. 

The established experts at SGS centres of excellence can help manage and inform all levels of understanding when it comes to learning and growing. Handshakes might have to wait a while, but that won’t stop the progress that is opening vital pathways of communication so that all parties can be on the same page. In turn, that provides a great environment for success, and that is something to share and celebrate together! 

So if curiosity leads you to enlightenment, you’ll know where to go. Go to AGvisorPro, and ask all the experts to share what they know.